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12 Years After Sister Serena Williams’ Jaunty Move, 42-Year-Old Venus Williams Elegantly Dismisses Her Skill Over a Viral Hip-Hop Trend Back in the Day

Published 06/05/2023, 7:28 AM EDT

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In a fascinating tale of flair, Serena Williams has a hidden beat that she dances to in her spirit. At times she has taken the world by storm not only with her racket swings but also with her celebratory dance moves. But she is not the only dancer in the Williams clan; her elder sister Venus Williams often likes to put her dancing shoes on. And their dancing is not just for the occasions; in fact, the famous sisters have annual yet private dance face-off events — Dodgeball, ping-pong, and dance competition between the Williams sisters.

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While Serena enjoys keeping up with dance fads, her 42-year-old sister is not into the jaunty dance trend. While the annual Williams Invitational is supposed to be a private affair, Venus revisited the year 2010 when Serena did a winner’s dance.

Venus Williams finds it tough to stay up with dance trends


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Back in 2010, when the popular hip-hop dance style was in trend, the seven-time Grand Slam champion was asked about her thoughts on this dance. She was quite confused at first about whether she could pull off the dance moves. The older sister might not follow trends, but Serena always went above and beyond to participate in some outrageous dancing trend. When she won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics, she performed an incredible crib walk, which was very popular at the time.

After the win, she danced her heart out with her older sister present to encourage her. But when it came to keeping up with the latest dance styles, Venus fell short, and for obvious reasons.


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Recently, during a question-answer session over her Instagram account, a fan asked the same question: “Can you hit the Dougie?” To this, she replied, “I don’t even remember how to Dougie like, teach me how to Dougie. Even when the Dougie was out, I had my own dance to it, so, I just I don’t remember.” 


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Even today, after 13 years, the former world number one is confused about how the popular hip-hop dance works. While she is still confused about the dance, her sister, Serena, once nailed it.

When Serena Williams did the ‘Dougie’ dance 

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The 23-time Grand Slam champion frequently reveled in dancing on the tennis court to mark her on-court triumphs. She’d either twirl or groove to the winning song playing on the court. In the same vein, in the 2011 world team tennis match, the Washington Kastles Team defeated the New York Sportimes.


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The American tennis legend took a moment to do her hip-hop dance moves in front of the crowd while holding her tennis racket and grinning broadly. Will Venus try the same dance now? Let’s wait and find out.

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