Venus and Serena Williams’ Father ‘King’ Richard’s Inner Feeling About a Wrestling Match Between Their Daughters Revealed

Published 03/11/2023, 1:00 PM EST

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What! Do you know King Richard never allowed his daughters, Venus and Serena Williams, to play a tennis match against each other? Yes, they had never played against each other before they entered the WTA circuit as professional tennis players.

For the past few days, the American tennis legend’s childhood coach, Rick Macci, has been sharing some unknown and untold stories about his dear friend, King Richard. And through the stories, he clearly expressed the American tennis coach’s dedication toward his daughters and listed what actually made him different.

Why King Richard never allowed his daughters to play against each other


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The 68-year-old tennis coach took to his Twitter account to share a memory from the tennis legends’ childhood days. He revealed the Williams sisters’ father’s inner feelings about what would happen when his daughters faced each other on the tennis court.

He wrote, “Growing up as kids @serenawillians never ever beat @venusewilliams ever in practice. Believe it or not they never ever played a match against each other! Richard always wanted to enjoy a peaceful dinner at home and not referee a wrestling match! Love this dad.” 


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Richard Williams thought that facing off against each other on the tennis court would fuel bitterness among the sisters. And he can never enjoy family time with his daughters. And he feared that his home would turn into a wrestling ring.


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In that same series, Williams’ childhood coach also revealed how he and their father prepared them for various interviews.

How did King Richard prepare his daughters for media interaction? 

A few days back, the 68-year-old American tennis coach, in the same segment, went down memory lane. And he recalled the time when their father prepared them to face the media from a very early age with a broken camera. He shared how King Richard set up mock interviews for his daughters, who were then 12 and 13 years old. That too, just to prepare them for every situation occurring  outside the tennis court.


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Additionally, he also detailed how, with a broken tripod stand and a cracked camera, they prepared the William sisters on ‘how not to really answer’ questions. With that, he also helped the iconic sisters build an amazing confidence to deal with the media.



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