The whole tennis world was shocked after witnessing Coco Gauff tangle in a controversy with the umpire in Dubai. While the young American’s call to see the supervisor was denied, several members of the tennis community came forward to back her situation. Pointing at a unique angle that no one else saw, former tennis pro-Alexandra Stevenson recently added a new perspective.

Stevenson recently made an appearance in a podcast where she talked about the current affairs of the sport. While the conversation shifted toward the highlighted controversy, she aroused curiosity about the lack of support that Gauff’s opponent Karolina Pliskova showed.

Former tennis pro slams Coco Gauff’s opponent in the recent controversial match


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Alexandra Stevenson, a former tennis pro, raised eyebrows over Karolina Pliskova’s reaction to Coco Gauff’s dispute with an umpire during the Dubai Tennis Championships. Stevenson expressed surprise, questioning why Pliskova didn’t show support when Gauff was facing an unjust call.

“What the heck was Karolina Pliskova thinking?” Stevenson exclaimed, highlighting the absence of mutual support that was lacking at the moment. She pointed out the fact that despite any personal differences, players should unite against unfair rulings. “Even if you don’t like your opponent, if you’re seeing this happening with an umpire, you got to insert yourself and try to help,” she asserted.

Stevenson highlighted the need to show honorable conduct, particularly pointing out that Pliskova could have intervened to calm the situation. As the former tennis pro highlighted this unique perspective, it is sure that the fans will be looking at the whole scenario from a completely different angle.

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Gauff’s father expresses pride over her stand against the irrelevant call


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Both fans as well as the members of the tennis community came forward to despise the umpire, her opponent, and the conditions in the recent controversy. Setting the perfect example of parental love, Coco Gauff’s father Corey Gauff avoided talking about the surroundings but focused on the firm stand that the rising star took against the wrong call.


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Using Instagram to express his pride for the 19-year-old, he wrote, “So proud of my daughter. Standing up for yourself and fighting for fairness. You have the strength of your grandmothers who are 2 of the strongest women we know.”

The proud father also highlighted the fact that she managed to be respectful even during a heated situation. “While being passionate you remained respectful as you articulated your argument,” he added. As different relations keep coming forward with different perspectives on the story, it is clear that the rising American tennis star has an evident spot in everyone’s heart.