Who Are Sachia Vickery’s Athletic Parents? Everything to Know About Her Rich Background in Sports

Published 04/17/2024, 7:29 AM EDT

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Sachia Vickery, with her back-to-back victories in the Stuttgart Open, has captured a lot of attention in the tennis world. Vickery, a believer in breaking barriers both on and off the court, has made a remarkable contribution to promoting more inclusiveness in the sporting community. However, most people might not know about the influential figures who have shaped her career and personality throughout her journey. They are none other than Vickery’s parents!

Rawle Vickery, Sachia’s loving father and a supportive mentor, has contributed a lot to her tennis career. Be it providing her with proper guidance or being there for Sachia in every phase of her development, Vickery’s role in her daughter’s life has been immense. Rawle Vickery, a professional soccer player himself, is the person who introduced sports as a career to the family.

On the other hand, Vickery’s mother, Paula Liverpool, had experience running track in high school. Both her parents lived in Linden, the second-largest city in the Caribbean. However, Paula Liverpool was originally from the mining town of Kwakwani.


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Early in her childhood, Vickery’s parents had a divorce. And soon, her mother took on the responsibility of upbringing her daughter Sachia Vickery. Sachia’s mother, Paula, worked very hard because she wanted to see her daughter achieve her goals in tennis. Her mother used to work two jobs to support her daughter’s tennis training. Even though her parents were no longer together, they both influenced Vickery’s immaculate work ethic. Just a few years ago, Sachia Vickery’s training time gained a lot of social media attention as she practised with one of the icons of the tennis world.


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Apart from Vickery, her parents had an older son named Dominique Mitchell. Vickery’s brother was also interested in sports and played football at South Carolina State. Sachia’s mother, Paula Liverpool, has been a source of strength and guidance throughout her life. She has instilled in her the virtues of tenacity, hard work, and resilience. And six years ago, when Vickery reached her highest career ranking, Liverpool shared the challenging times of their past struggles.

“Your ability to make money affects your play,” says Sachia Vickery’s mother

In 2018, Sachia Vickery, with her exclusive talent on the court, first rose to the WTA Top 100 Club. After reaching a career-high ranking of World No. 73, she said how she wants to focus on spending her entire energy on tennis. Happy at her daughter’s steady rise to the game, Paula Liverpool opened up about their arduous journey to the top.


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“Your ability to make money affects your play. If you can’t pay for a coach, you aren’t going to keep getting better,” said Liverpool about the financial struggles associated with sports. She referred to the economic challenges that she experienced to support her daughter’s interest in tennis. “We started from absolutely nothing,” she further added.

Vickery, who began playing tennis at the age of six, is once again showing her prowess at the Stuttgart Open. With three victories in her bag, she is now all set to face Coco Gauff in her next match. As she progresses towards success, her journey remains a source of inspiration to a lot of fans out there.


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