‘Why Am I Crying?’- Fans Bless Pregnant Serena Williams As They Get Overwhelmed With Emotions Over Her Gender-Reveal Party

Published 07/31/2023, 11:56 PM EDT

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Serena Williams is getting closer to having her second child! As they inch along the journey, the 23-time Grand Slam champion and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, recently disclosed the gender of their second child. However, it happened in a way that even she did not expect. Although revealing a baby’s gender has become a memorable occasion in recent years, Williams’ gender reveal was completely unique, with a dash of trolling thrown in by her husband.

Serena uploaded a gender reveal party video to her own YouTube account, expressing her joy at having a daughter once more in front of family and friends. After watching the incredible video, overwhelmed viewers blessed the couple as they were full of emotions and joy at the news!

Serena Williams’ gender reveal receives love from her fans


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The 41-year-old American tennis legend shared a video of her gender reveal party with details of her party with her fans. The vlog was endearing, starting from how the entrepreneur’s husband teased her for not using a color-specific cake but creating a beautiful reveal in the sky with fireworks.

The former tennis legend also posted the same video on her Twitter handle, But along with that, she also questioned her fans about whether their predictions were right or not. She wrote, “The big reveal is now live on YouTube! Did you guess right?”


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In no time, fans flooded the comment section with their guesses. Many were quite right about Olympia becoming the big sister of a baby girl. A fan also congratulated the five-year-old for having a younger sister, writing, “Congratulations Olympia gets a sister!

But the best was when the tennis legend’s husband commented on the post, referencing his activities at the party. He commented, “What fun is a reveal if you can’t troll your wife and daughter??” 

Fans even shared their excitement regarding witnessing such a beautiful gender reveal with love and family surrounding the couple. A user wrote, “That was the first ever sex reveal i’ve ever witnessed and… why am I crying? I love Serena so much.”

Another fan labeled it as the “Best gender reveal ever!

Another fan also commented on the 23-time Grand Slam champion’s amazing personality. They tweeted, “Serena Williams is an entertainer first and tennis legend second lol.”

Yet others answered whether their guesses were right or not. A fan wrote, “I sure did say a girl off the rip!!!! Congrats!!!!!”   

Another one was unsure but overjoyed by the news. “I don’t even remember my guess, but SOOO happy for the fam! Olympia’s reaction was everything. Also lol Alexis, pay attention when 👸🏾 🐐 wants a 😘 haha!” she added.

Elsewhere, a tennis fan popped up and also shared his future vision of a doubles team, just like the Williams sisters. The fan wrote, “I spy a new dynamic doubles team.”


Despite everyone sharing their predictions, only one person’s came true—and that person was none other than Ohanian. A few months ago, shortly after the pregnancy announcement, the Reddit co-founder revealed his great belief in becoming a girl’s father.


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Alexis Ohanian’s ‘Girl Dad’ forecast came through

In an interview with CNN a few months ago, just after announcing his pregnancy at the Met Gala, the 40-year-old American entrepreneur disclosed his philosophy of having more children with his wife. There, he also expressed his fatherly instinct regarding the unborn child’s gender.


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Being a true ‘girl dad’, he expressed his great desire to have a girl for the second time. Not only that, but he joked about having 50 children with his American tennis legend wife and shared his strong opinion that all of them would be girls. All in all, who do you think this new baby is going to be like—Mama’s girl or Papa’s girl, just like her big sister? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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