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Did Iga Swiatek choke under pressure, or was Putintseva just too good on the day?

Iga Swiatek plans on going for a “vacation” instead of considering a better fortune at Wimbledon. The current world No. 1 excels on clay courts but has always struggled to perfect her grass game. Last year, her Wimbledon title run ended with a quarter-final defeat against Elina Svitolina. This year, after facing a surprising defeat against Yulia Putintseva in the third round of Wimbledon, a disappointment echoed in her recent words.

While everything seemed to be going as expected, the match took a dramatic turn from the second set onwards. Apart from the match itself, Swiatek’s reaction and the crowd’s response drew considerable attention. “Next year, I’ll take vacation and do nothing,” Swiatek said, revealing insights into her mindset and physical condition.

During the match, Swiatek took an extended break before the final set, which led to loud booing from the crowd. Afterward, she admitted to struggling with recovery, stating, “I really messed up my recovery,” emphasizing that she hadn’t rested adequately following her recent win at Roland Garros. “My tank was empty and I was surprised about it,” the Pole added, suggesting another factor contributing to her disappointment.


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Although it was sorrow and rage for some, the other side of the court was filled with excitement. Yulia Putintseva, a prominent figure on the WTA tour, credited her fearless mindset for her victory. “At some point I was playing fearless. I was thinking, ‘I can do it. I have to believe 100 percent. I have nothing to lose. I just need to go for it,’” she explained. Putintseva also recounted advice from her coach, saying, “My coach told me, no matter which shot you’re doing, believe 100 percent and just follow through.”


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While with her victory secured, Putintseva looks ahead to advancing in the Wimbledon tournament, Swiatek identified areas needing improvement to continue her success, reflecting on her performance from Roland Garros to Wimbledon 2024.

Iga Swiatek draws the reason behind her early exit

The tennis world watched with emotion as Iga Swiatek exited Wimbledon. While everyone had plenty of questions about how and why this happened, the world no.1 WTA star herself came forward to accept the mistakes. “I know what I did wrong after Roland Garros. I didn’t really rest properly. I’m not going to make this mistake again. After such a tough clay court season, I really must have my recovery. Maybe that’s also the reason,” she said.


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Maintaining physical and mental readiness is essential for consistent performance on the court. Iga Swiatek shined bright throughout the clay court season. She didn’t lose a single match from her presence in Madrid which led to the addition of two Masters 1000 and another grand slam.

Despite not competing in any events between Roland Garros and Wimbledon, Iga Swiatek’s recent performance underscores the importance of adequate rest and recovery for peak performance on the court.