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This universe has a very special way of embracing the true aspects of life. If there is a sunrise in one part of the world, we get to see a sunset on the other side. Similarly, there’s always a mixture of good and bad times in our lives. In the American tennis world, Coco Gauff is currently struggling a bit to make her mark on the big games. We’ve talked about all the permutations and combinations she needed in Madrid and Rome to overthrow Aryna Sabalenka from the world number two spot. But sadly for the American tennis fans, Coco Gauff failed.

However, there is another American who has impressed a lot of fans with her stellar performance this season. Danielle Collins has now jumped three spots to get into the 12th place in the women’s ranking. She has had a wonderful season so far and is currently sitting with 3148 points in the women’s singles ranking. Can she get into the top 10 in the upcoming months? Well, that will be very interesting to see. But Coco Gauff is currently placed in the third spot with 7638 points and Aryna Sabalenka is at the second spot with 8138 points.

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So, there is a clear gap of 500 points between the two. Coco Gauff started the season with a title triumph at the ASB Classic and then went on to reach three SFs and two QFs in the rest of the tournaments this year. Her win-loss record is currently 21-7. And, seeing all these stats we can easily say she has had a decent season so far this year. But is it enough to topple the Belarusian tennis star? Well, the answer is in front of you.


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Aryna Sabalenka has also won a single title title this year. But she has reached four finals so far this season, and this is a statement in itself. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t cross the finish line in time on all these four occasions but these performances were enough to keep Gauff out of the race. Aryna Sabalenka has a win-loss record of 20-6 this season. But the most eye-catching performances this year from the women’s tennis world came from the ‘Danimal’. She has looked absolutely unstoppable this year. Collins has already won two titles this season and has a win-loss record of 24-8. Even Coco Gauff loves watching her play!

“I love to see her do well” – Coco Gauff’s admiration for Danielle Collins

During a recent interview, the 20-year-old American tennis star went on to reflect on her love for Danielle Collins. She said, “I love her. Me and her got closer after the Billie Jean King Cup we did together. She’s just a great person honestly. I love to see her do well. I think if you ask her, she loves to see me do well.” She went on to highlight the performances shown by Collins this year have been nothing short of an extraordinary run.

But does Coco Gauff really care about the rankings? She just wants to win more and more trophies. “I’ve never been like a really rankings-based person. Being number two would be really cool and an honor. But I focus more on like tournament wins. And at the end of the day, I want to get as many trophies as I can in my cabinet,” Coco Gauff. All these tennis stars will yet again crossroads with each other at the French Open in just a few days. Who do you think has the chance to win the French Open title this year?