‘You Think I Killed My Son?’ – Serena Williams’s Half-Sister Opens up About Her Son’s Tragic Demise and Its Investigation

Published 03/04/2024, 4:45 AM EST

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Serena Williams’s half-sister Sabrina recently talked about the tragic demise of his younger son Alphonse two years ago. Alphonse passed away at age 20 at their home in Las Vegas due to an overdose. While the tragedy was overwhelming for Sabrina in itself, the ensuing investigation briefly named her a person of interest.

For the first few months, Sabrina was hit hard as she was grieving her son’s demise and was declared a person of interest by the investigation agencies. Talking to The U.S Sun, she revealed how the investigation pointed fingers at her for the following months and how the bereavement became worse as she had alerted the authorities initially. 

I was a ‘person of interest’ until they cleared me after they got all his blood work back three months later. That hit me hard this year. Because my son died so young, I found the bottle, I found that container, I touched the container, and, according to the police, I hesitated about contacting 911. Basically, I was thinking, ‘You think I killed my son?’ Sabrina also revealed the harrowing details of the morning her son passed away.


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Sabrina further said she woke up at her usual time and that Alphonse did not answer the door when she went to wake him up. She narrated, “I got up at my usual time, 7:30, I knocked on the door, he didn’t answer, I thought maybe it was too early. I called him, he didn’t answer, then sent a text, and still no answer.” Sabrina then found his son’s body after opening the door and called for his eldest son Elijah, who also lived with them.

“So I went and found the key, opened the door, he was already gone. I felt his body and it was ice cold, rigor mortis had already sent in, and I just screamed for Eli.” It took around half an hour for Sabrina to call 911 leading to questions from the police. She revealed further details of how the authorities discussed the matter with her.

“Forbidden to go inside” Sabrina reveals more details about the investigation


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Sabrina was questioned by the police and they wondered why she didn’t call them right away after she found the body. Sabrina further explained she was trying to calm her nerves, and she couldn’t manage to respond to the grilling.  

She added, “When the police came, this one lady officer was quizzing me. ‘So you found him at 7:30? Why didn’t you call us straight away? What took you between 7:30 and, around 8?’ She said it took an extra 30 minutes for me to get hold of 911, what was going on? And I said, ‘I don’t know,’ but I was freaking out and he was clearly dead.”


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Fortunately for her, the paramedic was much better for her and revealed that they had an idea about how he passed away. However, until the reports came back, they could not confirm any details. Sabrina said she had not talked to anyone about this until now. “I know it was nothing personal, but it hurt. When he died they put yellow tape all around the house and I was forbidden to go inside. It’s all these things I’ve bottled up and didn’t tell anyone for nearly two years,” she disclosed.

The ordeal was rather harrowing in itself, which was made worse by the attitude the responders had toward her. 


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