AEW Manager CJ Perry Gives Sad Update on Her Worsening Infection, Requests Thoughts and Prayers From Fans

Published 12/19/2023, 12:08 AM EST

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Things could become tough for the AEW management now. The fans and AEW staff were just recovering from that devastating Kenny Omega injury news, but little did anyone know that a new curve ball would be thrown at them as AEW manager CJ Perry also suffered an injury.

Now she has updated her Instagram handle with a concerning update for the fans.

CJ Perry provides a concerning injury update


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We learned on Saturday that CJ Perry will undergo much-needed medical attention as she sustained a finger infection that extended to her arms. In the wake of this, she missed the CMLL on Friday and the AEW Collision event on Saturday. She provided wrestling fans with an update on her infection. She wrote, “I have been in the ER and hospital for over 50 hours. The infection has gotten worse and I’m going into surgery tonight. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I love you all”.

The AEW faithful will keep the beloved superstars in their prayers as she prepares to undergo surgery to find an effective solution. The effects of the infection increasing in 50 hours will prove to be a daunting update as fans hope for the best for the former WWE star. Now her recovery will be under intense scrutiny. Moreover, another AEW star in the form of Kenny Omega is also injured as of now. He will be out of action for quite long.


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What was the disease that infected Kenny Omega?

Kenny Omega’s partnership with Chris Jericho in the AEW Kayfabe was a matter of utter anticipation for the fans. The wrestling circuit indeed wanted to see both teams battle together and win the AEW tag team championships. On top of that, they were given a title shot against the champions, Big Bill and Ricky Stark, but fate had other plans.


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Kenny Omega shockingly revealed on X that he wouldn’t be returning to the ring soon because he was suffering from diverticulitis. Just to let you know, it is a medical disorder that is typified by the infection or inflammation of tiny pouches called diverticula, which can develop in the intestines’ walls. The same disease, which also hit Brock Lesnar in 2011,

Unfortunately, Omega was fighting some intense battles in AEW simultaneously with the disease. With that being certain, it won’t be easy for him or his fans to wait for a better update.


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