AEW President Tony Khan Isn’t Concerned About WWE

Published 09/05/2021, 3:08 PM EDT

In the 90s, WWE went against WCW, which created the most historic rivalry ever seen in pro wrestling. The Monday Night Wars were an absolute treat for the fans back in the day. In the modern day, Tony Khan has brought back the same feeling as his company, All Elite Wrestling.

From 2019 October through 2021 April, WWE’s NXT and AEW’s Dynamite went head-to-head on Wednesday nights. It came to be known as the Wednesday Night Wars. AEW even won 63 of the 75 weeks in terms of overall viewership.


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Speaking to David Penzer on “Sitting Ringside“, Khan said,

“We just do our shows and keep AEW as strong as possible,” he said. “The competition is going to change and there will be different competition on different nights and it will always be a battle as long as we’re healthy because they are going to be around for a long time. Whether it was the launch of Dynamite or Rampage, we have to focus on ourselves and put our best foot forward for fans rather than think about what other people are doing.”

“I’ve heard that when we were on head-to-head on Wednesday nights, our competition was watching our show in Gorilla. They had a monitor with it on. That blows my mind. I have never once, this is the 100th episode of Dynamite this week, in 99 episodes.” (H/t Fightful)

A truly commendable achievement since no other wrestling company has come even close to WWE since WCW.

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Is WWE too focused on Tony Khan and AEW?


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Concluding the conversation, Khan revealed he has never once had another wrestling show on in Gorilla or thought about what anyone else was doing. They have so much going on with their own show, he can’t be thinking about counterprogramming. Tony Khan has to put on AEW’s best program forward.

Unable to compete with Dynamite, WWE moved NXT to Tuesdays and is doing well for itself. However, WWE is shaking things up and it could be in response to AEW. Vince McMahon’s company rode the storm in the 90s in the form of WCW. They should learn from their past and just focus on themselves. The loyal WWE fans will always remain and the company should concentrate on pleasing them.


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