AEW Superstar Dustin Rhodes Reacts to the Shocking Release of Zelina Vega From WWE

November 14, 2020 5:00 pm

The internet is currently buzzing with speculations after WWE released Zelina Vega. Just hours before SmackDown, WWE released a statement and let the world know. After this, many weighed in on the situation. Dustin Rhodes was one of them.

After Vega was released, fans soon started talking about how Vega will be in AEW in no time. In the meantime, AEW’s coach and wrestler, Dustin Rhodes, held a Twitter Q&A. There, one fan asked him what he thought of Vega’s dismissal and if she will be on AEW.

It’s good to see an industry veteran like Dustin (known as Golddust in WWE) supporting Vega. However, an appearance in AEW may not happen till next March, considering how Vega is now in a 90 days non-compete clause with WWE.

Zelina and Rhodes both worked for TNA. Vega made her debut over there while Rhodes had some brief stints, in and out of WWE.

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Dustin Rhodes knows all about WWE and its treatment

Before he became ‘The ‘Natural,’  Rhodes gained immense popularity in his Golddust character. Hence, his three-decades-long career taught him a lot of trades in the business.

Due to creative differences, he left WWE and came back to it several times. His tenure with the company lasted for six years, ending in April 2019 after he asked for his release.

Since then, he has been a part of AEW as a wrestler and a coach. He recently revealed on Twitter how in AEW, he had been the happiest in a long while.

As far as Zelina is concerned, she is known for her love of wrestling. She started wrestling in memory of her late father, Michael. Hence, the squared-circle connects her to him as well. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that she will retire.

Do you think we will see her in AEW? Let us know in the comments below.

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