Tony Khan signing on WWE superstars is nothing new to the WWE Universe. Once a superstar goes out on an injury after a long tenure in the company, there is a high possibility they will jump ship. This has led to fans speculating about WWE stars that they have not seen on TV for a long time. After deactivating his social media account, a former WWE Champion recently joined this list.

Sheamus deactivates his X account while on hiatus since August, sparking joining Tony Khan rumors

The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, was last seen on the August 18, 2023, episode of WWE SmackDown. In Toronto, Canada, Sheamus battled the hometown hero and WWE icon, Edge. This was Edge’s last match in the WWE since his contract expired. After winning the match, Edge embraced the Celtic Warrior as the two are real-life best friends. However, what fans didn’t realize is that this would be Sheamus’s final match as well.


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Edge left the WWE following this match and joined AEW as Adam Copeland. Sheamus went on hiatus due to a shoulder injury. While he was supposed to return sooner, the WWE Universe has yet to see him. Following the delay in his return, fans also learned his contract would expire soon. Moreover, the sudden deactivation of his social media led to fans speculating about a move to AEW.

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While nothing is clear as to what made Sheamus leave social media, fans are hoping for a clear answer any day now. A massive reason for the speculation around Sheamus joining AEW is Copeland. While The Celtic Warrior had a great run in the WWE, his past feuds haven’t generated much attention. Fearing his run in the company is dying out, fans began the rumor that he may be moving on. Joining AEW will bring him back to Copeland for a possible rematch. Furthermore, he can work with Cesaro, a.k.a. Claudio Castagnoli, as they did in the WWE.

Fan reaction speculates Sheamus may join Tony Khan’s AEW

As mentioned above, all three factors have resulted in speculation that Sheamus will leave the WWE. The same was seen when Drew McIntyre didn’t re-sign with the company. However, some fans do believe this is a work that could play into his sudden, unannounced return to the company. Here are the top reactions.

Fans believe he could be returning soon

They think this is a work to build up hype

Fans have been nagging him about his return

Many believe that his time is done in the WWE

And now comes the AEW theories

Fans would love to see a rematch


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He was, but things got delayed


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What do you think of Sheamus’ sudden departure from social media? Will he be joining AEW? Tell us your thoughts down below.

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