CM Punk Named “Realest Person” by Former AEW Wrestler Despite Troubled History With Tony Khan

Published Mar 1, 2024 | 7:37 PM EST

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If there was a list that would rank the most infamous backstage brawls in pro wrestling history, the altercations involving CM Punk and Jack Perry at the 2023 AEW All-In would have made it to the list. The brawl that happened at the Wembley Stadium during the company’s flagship PPV drew a lot of attention, putting the whole incident and CM Punk in a bad light. While we might not be able to comment on that, former AEW star who has worked closely with Punk believes that the incident was made into a bigger issue than it needed to be.

CM Punk is the realest of all

While in a conversation with Wrestle Binge, former AEW star QT Marshal spoke about a lot of things ranging from his time at AEW to most importantly, what his thoughts were on the Second City Saint returning to WWE. He was also asked whether he believes the reported issue involving CM Punk and Jack Perry were “blown out of proportion.” To this question, he had a response that fans might have seen coming.


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Marshal stated, “Yeah, I mean, ideally, him and Jack (Perry), whatever, they got into a little argument.” He further stated that often people don’t like other people they are working with and it is something quite understandable. However, sometimes when people are worked up and tired, things might spiral out of hand. Despite his impulsive actions, Marshal had some good words to describe Punk.

He stated, “Any time there’s ever been an issue in AEW, the one thing that came out when I quit and I resigned. The one thing that came out was he was the realest person in that locker room and it’s the truth.”


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However, QT Marshal might not be the only AEW star who believes that the incident was blown out of proportion.

A normal day at work for Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe was there to neutralize the fight which eventually led to CM Punk’s firing from AEW. In an interview with ESPN, Joe stated that the incident was a small one and they got there on time to break it up. He further added, “Everybody wants it to be a lot more than what it is, but that’s what it was,” indirectly hinting that the incident was blown out of proportion.


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The reason why the incident became a headliner was because this was Punk’s second incident in almost a year. Back in 2022, Punk went haywire when he decided to criticize the higher-ups at AEW during the AEW All Out media scrum. Dubbed as the Brawl Out, Punk was later confronted by The Young Bucks and others. However, the details on it are scarce because both Tony Khan and CM Punk were bound by an NDA, Nevertheless, do you also believe that the incident was blown out of proportion? Let us know in the comments below.

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