“CM Punk Treatment”: Sasha Banks’ Rumored AEW Arrival as Mercedes Mone Set for Similar Controversy According to Fans

Published 02/21/2024, 12:46 AM EST

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No matter what’s happening in the wrestling realm, everything comes back to the needle mover that is CM Punk at the end. And there’s no exception in the current AEW realm, Mercedes Mone’s approaching arrival during the BIG Business next month. The fans and Tony Khan himself have been setting ablaze with the buzz and are focusing on not keeping any loophole in the spadework. But contrary to that hype, fans spotted a recent social media twist that might see the former Sasha Banks fall into the same trap as Punk.

Will CM Punk’s bitter fate in AEW play out again with Mercedes Mone’s rumored debut?

Punk didn’t get his flowers at the Jacksonville-based promotion. Following a long wrestling hiatus, The Second City Saint kick-started his wrestling career in Khan’s business back in 2021. But repeated controversies got the better of his short yet significant stint. From his infamous fallout with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega leading to a temporary suspension to a more acute AEW All-in scuffle with Jack Perry resulting in his final departure, Punks had to deal with a lot under Khan’s supervision. A similar vibe has been swirling over the air as Kiara Hogan and Velvet Sky accused Marcedes Mone of being not nice even before her official arrival. The AEW bigwigs pointed figures at the approaching debutee in a facebook live video.


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While there is some personal heat behind their shots, fans couldn’t really unsee the similarity with CM Punk’s fate.

Unsettling notion emerges as fans spot major CM Punk connection with Mercedes Mone 

Punk has attracted brickbats and vitriol in his AEW stint and was called out by multiple wrestlers for just being himself. While his savage attitude and tendency to attract drama might be the sole reason behind it, Mercedes Mone is no less in those traits either. The Boss walked out of her previous promotion due to a creative disagreement with Vince McMahon(mirroring the actions of Punk himself in 2014). Also, the recent standstill on her WWE return talks occurred due to her heightened financial demands. These are enough to prove her as a smartmouth. Now, a comparison with CM Punk might sound reasonable here.

Sasha Banks Hints at WWE Comeback With a 5-Word Message on Her Special 8-Year Anniversary

Some worried that Khan’s reputation will be at serious risk if CM Punk’s antics were repeated with Mercedes Mone.

I believe Mercedes is a female version of CM Punk. Don’t worry girls, keep bashing the Moné, so that she will come back to WWE. Just like CM Punk did. 😏🤭😂 Enjoy her debut moment tho’ #AEWBigBusiness A fan wrote in that Facebook live of Hogan and Sky.


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While other Punk references look like, ‘CM Punk has entered the chat’, Math and Nick Johnson: ‘That’s CM Punk fault’ etc.

We need to see what really awaits The Boss in her new endeavors, possibly beginning from the AEW Big business. What’s your take on fans sensing CM Punk’s situation recurring back as AEW females took shots at Mercedes Mone? Let us know in the comments.


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