CM Punk, Who P**ped His Pants On WWE TV, Suffers Humiliating Botch Minutes Before Winning AEW Championship

Published 05/30/2022, 10:00 AM EDT

CM Punk won the AEW World Championship at Double of Nothing from Hangman Adam Page. This world title victory came for ‘The Best in the World’ after nine long years as his last world title reign was in WWE where he was WWE Champion for 434 days between 2012 to 2013.

This victory made the fans happy as they got to see CM Punk elevating to the top of AEW. Moreover, this victory indicates how much AEW is invested in Punk.


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However, CM Punk seemed to have lost touch while having his match against Adam Page. There were many moves that Punk botched while the world title match was on. The moves that were botched were Superplex, Springboard Lariat twice and a power bomb.

A wrestling page, Kenny Olivier on Twitter shared a compilation video of Punk’s botches from his match at Double or Nothing. The tweet said, “Not CM Punk!!! 😭😭😭#AEWDoN”.

Even though Punk took the title home on Sunday, his performance did not impress some fans at the PPV. However, some of the fans and critics termed his botches as part of the storyline of the match.

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They say the storyline of the match is to be the old talent vs new talent and CM Punk was a veteran star in this match. For this reason, there were botches done by Punk to perfectly showcase the storyline of the match. 

AEW fans react to botches made by CM Punk at Double or Nothing

The fans were disappointed by the performance of both the AEW stars, especially CM Punk. They shared their reactions on Twitter about the botches that occurred during the match.

This Twitter user said, “The superplex looked like Page f**ked up. What the f**k was the rest of that sh*t though. Punk looks worse than he did when Mike Jackson was beating him like a rented drum”.

It disappointed this fan how the story was turned, “Watch the aew stans spin it as great storytelling because “that’s not his finisher”.

Another admirer thought Goldberg was in a better shape to have a decent match. “It was all because he is so tired and gassed because he puts no effort into staying in shape these days. He got paid and now doesn’t care. Goldberg looks better in ring these days.”

This fan shared a picture stating it was a storyline.


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Further, one wrestling fan loved the match.


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Even though all the botches in the match, the CM Punk fans were happy as he won a world title after so long. On Wednesday at AEW Dynamite, we shall find out the opponent who will challenge Punk for the title. It will most probably be Adam Page claiming a rematch, but this is a time when Punk and MJF can reignite their feud. only this time the world title will be on the line.


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