Cody Rhodes Labels One Thing That WWE Can Never Offer Him as an Athlete: “Maybe 5% Business..It’s Really Sad”

Published 08/27/2023, 1:30 PM EDT

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The WWE universe knows ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes as someone who has immense charisma. That, coupled with his undying grit and determination, has helped him climb the upper echelon of pro wrestling.

But many pro wrestling fans are unaware that this gifted wrestler was at one point in time the Executive Vice President of a rival wrestling promotion. And there is one cherished belonging from that previous company that he dearly misses.

Cody Rhodes misses his AEW office the most


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Cody Rhodes enjoyed a fruitful spell in WWE for almost 10 years. However, he eventually left the company, citing creative differences as the reason. Then he wrestled on the independent circuit as he looked to stamp his presence.


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Post that, he joined Tony Khan’s AEW where he also served as the Executive Vice President of the promotion. Obviously, when you are the top brass in the company, you need to have a swanky office. That’s exactly what Rhodes had in every building that AEW owned and he really misses that a lot today.

In his recent appearance on the podcast After The Bell, he talked about how that office space became less of an office and more of a home to him. He said, “I think the only thing i miss and I have said this before, i had an office in every building and in that office was one of the most fun, no business was being done. Maybe 5% business and probably Brandy was the one who was doing the business”

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He mentioned how he had an in-house bar in his office where colleagues could just come and chill post work. Rhodes also brought up the fact that some of his ex-colleagues send him a pic of where his old office used to be and that saddens him. The WWE star said, “What happens is some of the guys go to the building and they will take a picture of where my room was and send it to me and it’s really sad”.

But how did a pro wrestler like Rhodes become an Executive Vice President of a wrestling promotion that is competing with the WWE today?

Cody Rhodes created the PPV ‘All In’ which eventually led to the formation of AEW


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For people who don’t know, in 2018. Rhodes, along with The Young Bucks and with assistance from ROH (Ring Of Honor) created the PPV ‘All In’. It was an independent professional wrestling pay-per-view and included wrestlers for all other promotions except the WWE. Recently he even praised The Young Bucks for making ‘All In’ into such a mega global event.

After the initial success of ‘All In’, Rhodes got in touch with Tony Khan to invest in a sequel for ‘All In’. But as talks progressed, both of them realized they could do so much more than just build another PPV. And that gave rise to what we all know today as AEW. Tony Khan made Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks the Executive Vice Presidents of the company.


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He served in that position until 2022 until he finally left AEW to return to the WWE. Nevertheless, Rhodes’ quest to venture onto greener pastures might have brought him satisfaction and happiness. However, there exists a void in his heart that cannot be filled. What do you guys think about Cody Rhodes having his own office space when he was with AEW?


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