CONFIRMED! Former WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Signs With AEW

Published 07/22/2021, 9:45 AM EDT

Daniel Bryan was last seen on WWE months back when he had his last match against Roman Reigns. The pro-wrestler has been MIA since then.


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Of course, his fans started asking questions on his whereabouts and when he’ll return. When WWE did not try to bring Bryan back to the ring, reports came up about his current status.

First, PWInsider reported that Daniel Bryan was no longer working with WWE. WWE did not put him on the list of Superstars whose merchandising and action figures licensing will begin. Therefore, the report assumed Bryan was headed to another promotion.


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Now, a new report claimed that Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) has definitely signed a contract with AEW, and the two parties have even fixed a date for his AEW debut.

A primary reason why Bryan got onboard with AEW is because the company allowed him to work lesser dates for comparable money. Moreover, he wanted to work with Japan and have a say about his character in terms of creativity, which AEW also agreed upon.


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Daniel Bryan wanted to be Universal Champion

When Bryan was still working with WWE, he wanted to be the Universal Champion, and was in fact, in a storyline with Roman Reigns.

Unfortunately, he tried to take the title numerous times but every time Roman Reigns overpowered him and retained the title. In fact, he even had Cesaro by his side at one point but even that failed to bear any fruit.

Of course, it’s possible that Bryan’s contract with WWE was coming to an end and there was no renewing it. Hence, the company booked him against Reigns for a flawless exit.

A brief of Daniel Bryan’s WWE exit

WWE booked Bryan in a storyline with Roman Reigns. He was in a triple threat match against Reigns and Bryan at WrestleMania 37.

Reigns won out at The Show of Shows, but Bryan continued to challenge The Tribal Chief.

Finally, Reigns accepted a final challenge from him with the stipulation that Bryan will never show his face around SmackDown if he loses.


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Well, Bryan lost the match and as per the stipulation, he did not show his face around SmackDown again.


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Some thought maybe he moved to Raw. Little did anybody know he will not be a part of WWE anymore.


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