One of the standout matches of AEW Dynasty was Bryan Danielson vs. Will Ospreay. Promoted as the match of a lifetime, it lived up to its tag and then some. Hard-hitting with some insane spots, the wrestling faithful were not expecting this level of technical wrestling from exceptionally talented stars. However, the ending did leave fans shocked, as it seemed Danielson suffered a severe injury. Here is everything you need to know.

The match received the most fan reactions from both the audience in attendance and fans on social media. The grueling 30+ minute match saw Ospreay pick up the win while medics tended to Danielson.

Did Bryan Danielson suffer a fatal injury? Or was it a planned spot?


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The finish of the match played out like a pro wrestling enthusiast’s dream. Both men in each corner stared at each other down like knights before jousting. Unfortunately for Danielson, Ospreay connected with an unpadded elbow, followed by a Tiger Diver spot. This is where Danielson grabbed his shoulder and neck. The referee checked on the former WWE star and even informed the medics to stand by. However, with his back turned, Ospreay hit another elbow to Danielson’s neck for the pinfall win.

Despite winning the match, Ospreay checked on Danielson and did not celebrate his win in a show of great sportsmanship. Paramedics checked on The American Dragon while Ospreay inquired about what had happened. It was clear that the former NJPW star had no idea that Danielson incurred an injury before the final blow. However, according to Fightful Select on Patreon, the spot was planned. They reported, “For those wondering, the Bryan Danielson spot at the end of the match was planned.” This eased the fans, who were worried Danielson was really hurt at the end of the match. Regarding neck injuries, The American Dragon doesn’t have the best reputation.

Fans of the star would recall that his neck forced him to retire from the WWE. Shortly after winning at WrestleMania 30, Danielson would undergo surgery for his neck due to nerve damage. Sitting out for eight months, he would return in 2015 before retiring in 2016. Neck injuries have plagued his long and beloved career in pro wrestling, and fans tonight were worried that history would be repeating itself. However, the news of the planned spot allowed them a sigh of relief. What did you think of the match and the spot? Was this the best match on the entire card for the night? Tell us in the comments.

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