Phillip Jack Brooks, also known as CM Punk has ensured his place in the headlines for a long time. He first entered the limelight after his backstage altercations with Jack Perry at the AEW All-In event in August 2023. Later, after the incident, the promotion’s president Tony Khan terminated his contract leading to Punk’s departure.

Since then, there have been sporadic teases by Punk along with rumors. Despite murmurs of his return to WWE, the viability of the scenario remains murky. It’s important to understand what transpired first to make sense of his return rumors.

What happened between CM Punk and AEW?


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Back in 2022, CM Punk made some comments on the promotion’s executives, Kenny Omega and the Jackson brothers. He made comments on their management skills, saying, “couldn’t f—ing manage a Target.” Due to these comments and his involvement in a brawl, Punk earned a suspension in 2022. However, he made his return in 2023. After his return in 2023, he became part of AEW All In which was held at Wembley Stadium in London. CM Punk got into another backstage altercation but this time with Jack Perry.


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Following the backstage quarrel, Tony Khan addressed the situation in a media scrum. Key insights surfaced that confirmed that AEW had released CM Punk from the promotion while Perry earned a suspension for his part. Tony Khan also claimed that he had felt threatened by the Second City Saint’s actions on multiple occasions. The inevitable release became a mere formality after the AEW president’s comments.

But after his release, there have been multiple rumors about his return to his old playground, WWE. Recently, there has been a report that provides a ray of hope in this situation.

Is CM Punk any closer to getting back to WWE?

Punk’s camp comprises people who are close to the former AEW star. They have been sharing multiple insights about his current status and footing in the world of pro wrestling. According to them, the 45-year-old star has started training once again. Considering the uncertain nature of the business, he might get an abrupt call and have to be ready for it. Apart from that, the rumor that he will get into conversation with the higher-ups at WWE has been debunked.

News also emerged that the Punk would undergo a meeting with the board members of the promotion on November 5th. According to the Punk’s Camp, it is not true and he will directly get into a conversation with President Nick Khan soon. Apart from that, they believe that WWE thinks that they have CM Punk “in their pockets” How this would impact the contract signing is still unknown. But it’s not just his camp who had things to say. Allegedly, WWE might have made some comments too.


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What is WWE saying about CM Punk’s return?

Back in September, Pro Wrestling Insider revealed some information regarding Punk’s return to WWE. According to their reports, the promotion has not decided on a course of action and remains doubtful about how to proceed. While some thought of him as a money-making opportunity, others still couldn’t get over the fact that he was a troublemaker. Due to this, they could not take a stand on the decision. Apart from that, there were reports that Punk was seen backstage at an episode of Monday Night Raw, months before his release from AEW. However, the authorities then had to tell him to leave the premises. Even though he was ordered to leave, this might indicate that the talks have been going o for some time now. But with the latest reports, it might look like WWE is finally heading in some direction.


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According to reports, the Stamford-based promotion reached out to Sean Ross Saap to inform him that Punk won’t appear at the upcoming Survivor Series PLE. It was done so that the fans don’t have any unrealistic expectations of the event. With that being pushed aside, Punk has been given the option of 2024, whether it be for WWE or any other major promotion. Accordingly, it is being said that WWE might prefer him for the upcoming WrestleMania 40. Who will he work with is still unknown. WWE’s current status on his return is “not a hard no” but is a “no for now” hinting that this might be a waiting game for the fans.

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