“F**k Yo Wishes”: Ice Cube Blasts AEW Fan For Insulting His Son After O’Shea Jackson Jr’s Criticism of Tony Khan’s Show

Published 02/21/2024, 1:18 AM EST

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Did you know that acclaimed rapper and actor Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr. is a massive wrestling fan? It would seem so from his recent appearance on the ‘Chris Van Vliet Podcast’. However, his discussion on the show about AEW has left fans divided. While many have labeled him as someone with a clear passion for the business, others have gone against every word he said about Tony Khan’s baby. Furthermore, some insulted him and his father. Now, his father is not someone to take insults lightly, especially when they are aimed at his family.

But what did Jackson Jr. say? He said, “If I’m watching someone on AEW and I ask who is this guy? I don’t need you to tell me I’m not a real wrestling fan.” While this sentence was about the lack of introduction AEW gives to new wrestlers on the program, it seems to have hurt the feelings of hardcore fans. Jackson Jr. did clarify on the podcast that without a proper reason to know a new wrestler, why would he even care?

This led to one fan leaving an awful statement towards his father, the legendary rapper Ice Cube. The fan posted how he wished Jackson Jr. had never been born for saying that statement. This led to Ice Cube replying, “F##k yo wishes, b#tch a## D##ghead.”


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O’Shea Jackson Jr. is best known for playing his father in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton. From there, he continued acting and delving into the music world. However, one thing that fans did not know about the 31-year-old is that he is a massive wrestling fan. This is what his appearance on the ‘Chris Van Vliet Podcast’ revealed.

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Are Tony Khan’s AEW fans toxic?


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It seems like the incident created by Jackson Jr. and the irked fans has started the question of whether AEW can even be criticized. Many online wrestling forums have started calling out AEW fans as toxic. Many have also started blaming Khan for this behavior.

Over the years, Khan has proven time and time again that he sometimes does not have a filter on social media. From hyping up his product’s numbers to insulting WWE personnel, he has done it all. Some fans have even cited this behavior by the company’s CEO as the reason for the occasional rabid fanbase.


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WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff has been of this opinion. “I get frustrated with the way the shows are covered by some people. Fans, it’s a little bit like politics, when AEW came out, there was such a rabid fanbase, everyone wanted to see it succeed. There was all this goodwill,” he stated last year. He felt that AEW’s constant criticism of WWE split pro wrestling fans into two. As a result, Bischoff is one of AEW’s biggest critics.


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Do you think what Jackson Jr. said was right? Or do you agree with the fan?


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