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“Geez This Man”: After His Uncut Documentary Scene, More Theories About Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW Dispelled by His Wife

Published 09/24/2023, 3:30 PM EDT

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Cody Rhodes may not have a title belt around his waist, but the respect and love he commands is no less than that of a Champion. And according to Rhodes, all this actually happened after he returned to the WWE from AEW. That’s when the WWE management started taking him seriously as a performer.

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People are still speculating about why Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi left AEW in 2022. But Brandi Rhodes put some rumors to rest and you will be shocked that money was not the reason.

Brandi Rhodes cleared the rumor that they left as her AEW contract was not renewed


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WWE just released close to 21 wrestlers from its roster with the biggest shocker being Dolph Ziggler. Even legends like John Cena and Dwayne Johnson paid their due respect to Ziggler for his various achievements. While layoffs are the time when wrestlers end their contracts, some also leave on their own accord.

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The reasons vary from not being satisfied with the money to having issues with the creative team of the promotion. The first time Cody Rhodes left WWE was due to creative frustration with the company. The reason for leaving AEW was given as a personal issue. However, fans and wrestling pundits still speculated on lots of things regarding his departure.

Recently, his wife Brandi Rhodes put all these rumors to rest on the podcast Ring The Belle. She cleared 2 rumors, the first being that they left because the Dan Lambert segment had made her mad. She said, “So it’s not true that we left because the Dan Lambert’s segment upset me. That’s not true. Everything that Dan said I was there for. I enjoyed it and some of it almost made me laugh. A couple of times I was just like ‘Geez, this man'”.

The second rumor was that the couple left because Brandi’s AEW contract was not renewed. She added some clarity to the subject by saying, “The other thing that’s not true is that I was not going to get another contract. We both were well on our way to decide what our contracts were. So it was not true that they decided not to renew my contract and only wanted to renew Cody’s and that’s why Cody left. Not true. So those are two things you can cross off the list”.

But what was the personal issue that made Rhodes leave the brand that he once helped build?

Cody Rhodes didn’t want to be the ‘gatekeeper wrestler’ anymore in AEW

Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega set up AEW with the help of Tony Khan after the first ever ‘All In’. They all were made Executive Vice Presidents but at the same time, they were also wrestling.


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That’s exactly what troubled Rhodes. On Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Rhodes revealed he felt the company didn’t need him anymore. Also, he didn’t like to be seen as a boss in the wrestling business aka a “gatekeeper wrestler”. Rhodes just wanted to be a regular wrestler.

Then he pointed out to Steve Austin’s WWE Championship belt that was hanging in the studio and said, “It’s right there, that’s it”. Going to say that he wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a WWE Champion which his father Dusty Rhodes never did in his whole career.


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What are your opinions on Brandi Rhodes shutting down two rumors about the couple’s exit from AEW?

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