In the latest installment of Raw, Dominik Mysterio revealed his injured arm. Sources later confirmed that the injury was legitimate and that Mysterio would be sidelined for a while. However, the spotlight on his injury has now been stolen by speculations of a future opponent for The Judgment Day member, all the way from AEW!

Dominik Mysterio has become somewhat of an integral part of Monday Night RAW during his tenure with The Judgment Day. One of the promising young stars in the promotion, his future in the company will spark intrigue for fans. And according to a renowned insider, him squaring off against a top AEW talent might be on the cards.

Dominik Mysterio could go one-on-one with former AEW Champion


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In the latest edition of the Fightful Wrestling Podcast, Sean Ross Sapp answered several questions asked by the fans. One of them was about who Dominik Mysterio might face next. ‘Dirty Dom’ has held the NXT North American Championship in the past but apart from having a marquee feud with his father, Rey Mysterio, his singles career hasn’t really flourished on the main roster. But according to Ross Sapp that could change.

Sapp revealed that AEW’s Hook could prove to be an interesting foil for the WWE star. He said, “I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility but man I think Hook versus Dominic would be a pretty damn good feud.” Interestingly, Hook’s contract with AEW is expiring later this year, and according to reports he is open to his options once he is a free agent.

His contract situation could be the reason why AEW decided to end his long FTW title reign at AEW Dynasty at the hands of the veteran Chris Jericho. The second-generation superstar ended up in a feud with his mentor, Jericho, after the latter got into it with his father and ECW icon Taz.

There have been speculations that the Stamford-based promotion is interested in the AEW star. Post Dynamite, those rumors have started to garner momentum. Moreover, his father, the well-known Taz, too, may be eager to take him out of All Elite Wrestling and join WWE, the company that can give his son a bigger spotlight. Taz, himself was a WWE star after his ECW run and became the voice associated with SmackDown during the “Ruthless Aggression Era.”

It is also pertinent to note that WWE’s interest in AEW stars may not be only limited to Hook. According to Sapp, Ricky Starks could also join the WWE roster along with Hook.

If the WWE were to successfully add Hook to their roster, this would make him a contender to face Mysterio. Both are second-generation stars with contrasting personalities and it could make for an intriguing battle in the ring as well as outside it given their family history in pro wrestling. However, for now Dominik Mysterio may be interested in battling someone else in the ring.

Mysterio reveals his choice of opponent


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Over the past few years, we’ve seen how the famous Puerto Rican singer, Bad Bunny, has become more involved in WWE. In fact, he has participated in matches during his appearances in the company. The last match was a San Juan Street Fight against Damian Priest at Backlash in 2023. The storyline took place over months, and it also involved Priest’s companions from The Judgment Day.

Recently, Dominik Mysterio appeared as a guest on The Ringer Wrestling Show, where he commented that he has unfinished business with the singer, and expressed his desire to face him. At WrestleMania 39, Bunny cost Dominik Mysterio the match against his father Rey, and the former NXT North American Champion hasn’t forgotten that.


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He said, “I know Bad Bunny did his thing with Damian in PR, I know he got involved in my match last year. He’s done a lot for the culture and what not, but at the end of the day, Damian said it — you’re a singer, dude. Stay in your lane. This is our world here, Judgment Day takes over here. As far as unfinished business goes, if he’s more than willing to get in my face again, I’m down to throw down if you know what I’m talking about.”

So it would be interesting to see if Dominik Mysterio gets his hands on Bad Bunny and who knows once the stars align we can see Hook come to WWE to face Dom Dom. Are you interested in seeing a feud between the two second-generation stars?

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