The Cody Rhodes vs The Bloodline saga in the WWE got the whole Rhodes family involved, with Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson targeting his mother, late father, sister, and brother. The fan’s speculation that Goldust would return to WrestleMania to help his brother, none of that came true. Despite being in AEW, Dustin Rhodes responded to The Rock. After the dust had settled and a new era had dawned on WWE, Goldust broke his silence.

This news came after the CM Punk fiasco in Tony Khan‘s AEW, which occurred after The Young Bucks aired the backstage footage from AEW All In. Now that WrestleMania XL is over and Rhodes has finished his story, answering a fan who asked him to leave AEW, Goldust said, “Nah! I love it here.”

During this speculation of whether he would come back to WWE, it was reported that Goldust was happy that fans remembered him though it was six years after he left.


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While talking to Chris Van Vliet on his show ‘Insight’, Goldust was asked if at all he decided to return to WWE, would he come back as Dustin or Goldust. He revealed, “I haven’t had that conversation, so, who knows.” Goldust joined AEW in 2019 and has had a decent run in the company. After failing to have satisfying runs in the WWE, the Rhodes brothers put on a Dave Meltzer-awarded 5-star match in AEW. However, the younger Rhodes left the company to return to the WWE. While Goldust remained in AEW, The Rock brought him up during his promos, but Goldust retorted back on social media.

When the Cody Rhodes storyline with the Roman Reigns began, WWE Hall of Famer Bischoff had suggested that AEW’s Khan should consider involving Dustin with his brother and said, “Letting Dustin be a part of this isn’t about anything other than being gracious to Dustin. This is an important part of Dustin’s life too. He may be living it vicariously through Cody from a distance, but if there’s an opportunity to let Dustin Rhodes share in this moment in any way shape or form with Cody, Tony should accommodate.”


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However, Dustin’s recent answer surprised fans as AEW is under fire from every direction after airing the backstage video from AEW All In. To calm them after CM Punk’s shocking revelation of what took place backstage on the Ariel Helwani MMA Hour show, Tony Khan and AEW released the footage. But it did not work out in their favor. It didn’t help that the latest episode of AEW Dynamite copied WWE’s WrestleMania’s main event.

Goldust faces Samoa Joe in the main event like Cody Rhodes vs The Rock

Dustin Rhodes faced Samoa Joe on AEW Dynamite in a main event that left fans divided. Just days after his brother took on WWE’s Samoan Dynasty at Mania, Rhodes faced someone who claimed to be the Final Boss on AEW. Fans quickly called out the match as being a copy despite it being good.


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With the CM Punk fiasco still going strong and AEW releasing several stars, fans believed Goldust would find his way back to the WWE. However, he has made it clear that he has no intention of leaving Khan’s playground. What do you think? Should Goldust reunite with Rhodes? Tell us in the comments.


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