If you take to social media, the only news over the past few days has been regarding Tony Khan and AEW’s release of the All In backstage footage. While this was a key element to understanding what led to CM Punk‘s termination from the company and Jack Perry’s suspension, something doesn’t add up. Many fans have noticed a pattern regarding the topic in their social media feeds. This has led to a WWE-related conspiracy theory being formed that many agree on.

On Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite episode, The Young Bucks aired the backstage footage from AEW All In for the first time. Since then, there has been a mass uproar on social media.

AEW fans believe the WWE is behind launching bots hating on Tony Khan against CM Punk


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As mentioned above, there has been a flow of social media posts regarding the backstage footage reveal. While many wrestling fans have shared their thoughts on the matter, something concerning has been found. Taking to social media, one fan posted a series of images with the caption, “Call me crazy, but…I’m starting to notice a pattern here.” These images were of multiple accounts posting the same content and pictures on X. While this could be ignored, all the content was against AEW and Tony Khan.

Among the four images from various accounts, the gist of the content was identical. The content wasn’t a repost but was uploaded by the account holder. The content on all four accounts reads the same. They praised Punk for telling the truth while mocking Khan and the company. There were very slight variations in the wording of the content.


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This started a massive debate in the comment section, and fans quickly linked it to WWE. They believe that the promotion sponsored bots on social media to spread hate and vitriol against Khan and AEW. While this may sound far-fetched, many are starting to believe it.

Fans indulge in the blame game

Fans were quick to point fingers at the WWE. Moreover, many recall when Khan openly discussed a social media controversy to bury AEW online. Here are the top reactions.

Back in 2023, Khan claimed the WWE had an army of bots on social media. Now, fans are believing him.

Many fans pointed out the similar situation they witnessed on Reddit. Many have seen similar content with very slight variations.

Some fans were quick to blame Triple H for it. Due to Hunter and Khan having issues in the past, fans believe this could be The Game at work.

Fans pointed out the fact that the social media content read like a pre-approved script.


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While many fans are starting to believe it, some have claimed that it is just a common way to get in on the trending searches.


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What do you think of this pattern? Is it an army of bots? Tell us your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

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