One match that AEW fans had the least interest in at AEW Dynasty was Chris Jericho vs. Hook for the FTW Title. While Jericho has been a legend in the industry and beloved by fans, his longevity has seemed to run its course. During the match, fans began to chant for the 34-year-long career veteran to retire. Fans were even more irritated when Jericho won the match, bagging the FTW title for himself.

Starting his career in 1990, Jericho was among the most loved and respected wrestlers in the business. However, over the past few years, the fans’ perception of him has taken a turn for the worse.

For years now, even in the WWE, Jericho has put over younger talent. This is why fans loved the star. Getting a win over someone as experienced and renowned as Jericho was a massive rub for rising stars. However, fans have not seen it the same way over the past few years. The pro wrestling faithful believe that the wrestling legend is past his prime. Today, his in-ring work isn’t as clean or crisp as it used to be, and fans don’t want to keep seeing it. However, this wasn’t entirely the reason for the hate at Dynasty.


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Hook is among the most loved stars on the roster. The son of Tazz has gained a great following, with many believing he’s a main event talent. Participating in a title match with Jericho is something fans didn’t want to see the young star do. Moreover, losing the match and the title pushed the fans over the edge.

Retirement chants flood the arena as Chris Jericho experiences “GO AWAY HEAT”

As mentioned above, fans were unhappy with the match from the get-go. As the match progressed, the chants got more brutal and louder. Jericho’s title win has the potential for an interesting feud up ahead, but fans are not happy with his in-ring work. They believe he is now prone to botches and cannot handle himself as he did a few years ago. All fans want is for the once-loved star to retire with grace. Here are the top fan reactions.

Many fans on social media admitted that they would’ve started the ‘retire’ chant themselves had others not done it before them. Fans are clearly done with the former WWE star.

Many have started to believe that hatred for Jericho rose after the star cut ties with the WWE and badmouthed the Hall of Fame. Others believe it is due to his constant presence in AEW.

The ‘retire’ chants were not the only ones. Fans also chanted for Jericho to go home as they believed he was past his good days.

The pro wrestling community has declared on social media that AEW should keep Chris Jericho off the program for a while. The heat against him is too much during live events.


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This sums up the feelings all fans have towards the once beloved star. The biggest complaint against him is his deteriorating in-ring work.


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What did you think of the match? Do you think fans are right? Tell us in the comments.


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