The last time fans saw Maxwell Jacob Friedman, or MJF, was on December 30, 2023, at the AEW Worlds End PPV. At Worlds End, The Salt of The Earth lost his title to Samoa Joe. Fans speculated he would leave the company for WWE despite Tony Khan’s suggestions of the opposite. Since then, he’s been sidelined due to his left shoulder. Recently, it was reported that the former AEW World Champion had undergone surgery for his shoulder and is in physical rehabilitation.

However, making an appearance in public, he took a jab at WWE’s famous Brock Lesnar Guy.

MJF suggests a new NSFW name for Brock Lesnar Guy


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Michael Corcoran, better known in the wrestling community as Brock Lesnar Guy, went viral in 2012. As The Beast returned to the WWE, the camera caught Corcoran doing the Lesnar pose. This got him the now iconic name. Soon, fans learned that he was a massive wrestling mark, and would show up on almost all WWE shows and PLEs. He even showed up at 2021’s AEW Full Gear.

The passion for wrestling Corcoran has is evident, and the community appreciates him for it. MJF appeared at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E3) while wearing a sling. Clearly, he hadn’t fully recovered as he met with fans. Among them was Brock Lesnar Guy.


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He jokingly asked the AEW star for a new name suggestion, and The Salt of The Earth replied, “Hey, this is MJF, and I’m here with P**s Fetish Guy,” MJF said in a solemn monotone voice. The AEW star’s unique wit and charisma were on full display here in this candid interaction. The pro wrestling faithful can rest assured now that MJF hasn’t lost his confidence despite nursing an injury and spending time away from the spotlight.


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While AEW fans know how MJF is currently doing, they are still unclear about his contract status. Nevertheless, Tony Khan provided an update on one of pro wrestling’s most speculated topics.

Tony Khan clears the air on MJF and AEW


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After being betrayed by Adam Cole at Worlds End and losing the title to Joe, MJF left AEW fans on a cliffhanger. While undergoing treatment for his shoulder, AEW even removed him from the promotion’s online roster page in 2024. When asked about his status in AEW, Khan said, “Well, yes, MJF, one of the biggest stars in AEW, we haven’t seen him in recent months, and I would love to get MJF back here soon.”

With all that is happening with Khan and the new Elite, it would be a great time for The Salt of The Earth to return, even if he is not 100% cleared to wrestle. His old buddy Cole is also having issues with the Undisputed Kingdom. Perhaps the AEW star is keeping his abilities sharp with unscripted moments like the interaction with the fan out of the squared circle. What do you think of the interaction? Do you like the new name suggestion? Tell us in the comments.

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