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All Elite Wrestling has acquired the most eye-catching talent available on the market this year. They have signed top-tier talents like Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada, and Mercedes Mone. Mone FKA Sasha Banks, being the CEO that she is, has already attained an opportunity for a title shot. However, not everyone is a fan of this move.

Bully Ray criticized this booking choice on his podcast. And now a Twitter user called out Ray by reminding him that even Dwayne Johnson obtained a title shot when he returned and called out the WWE legend’s hypocrisy. How does he defend himself? Let’s find out!

Bully Ray gives a fan a reality check over Dwayne Johnson comparison to Mercedes Mone


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As soon as the aforementioned fan called out Bully Ray and claimed that the legend did not call out the WWE for giving Dwayne Johnson a title shot, Bully Ray decided to gift the fan a reality check. The acclaimed wrestler reminded the fans that The Rock was never in the title picture. Instead, it was Cody Rhodes who gifted him the match against Reigns. The criticism stems from the fact that AEW has a rating system, unlike WWE. And Mone is unranked and therefore cannot get a title shot. He tweeted, “You obviously didn’t think this one through… 1-Rock was never “in line” for a Championship match. Cody was…then “gave” “gifted” the match to Rock. 2-WWE doesnt emphasize  “ratings matter” as AEW does…Or even mention ratings because it handcuffs creative.”

And it is not as if Bully Ray has something personal against AEW or Mone. In fact, he emerged as a predominant voice supporting Mone recently. A few reports claimed that some talents in AEW had an issue with the exorbitant amount Mercedes Mone earned as her remuneration. Shunning down the doubters, Bully Ray had a decisive reply for them.


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Bully Ray backs the former Boss


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A controversy arose in the AEW locker room in late March. Mone’s salary and her statements before appearing for the first time in the company emerged as a contentious topic. Mercedes Mone has reportedly signed a very lucrative contract with Tony Khan’s promotion. Although no one has confirmed the exact figure. Rumors suggest that the figure hovers around the five million per year mark. However, in the locker room of All Elite Wrestling, complaints and discontent have surfaced on this topic due to the disparity.

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Bully Ray, through his ‘The Busted Open After Dark podcast’ addressed that situation and wanted to send a sound message to the people who have complained about the female star’s salary. According to Ray, those people should remember where the wrestler comes from and what she’s done in her career.


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He said, “I know there are some people out there in the AEW universe who are upset about some of the comments that Mercedes said lately. Maybe some of the talent in the back are upset with the amount of money that Mercedes Mone is making. Let me talk to the talent for a second. Let me talk to the wrestlers. If you want to make Mercedes Mone money, go become a five-time women’s champion in the WWE and become Mercedes Mone. Actually, don’t become Mercedes Mone, become more valuable than Mercedes Mone, and then you can command Mercedes Mone money.”. Nevertheless, the notion that Bully Ray favors one promotion over the other does not hold weight. And it would be fun to see if the fan can bring any other argument to prove otherwise. What do you think? Is the situation between the Rock and Mone the same? Let us know in the comments.

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