“Thank You For The Honors” – Dwayne Johnson Sends A Message To AEW’s Demo God Chris Jericho

November 6, 2020 9:47 pm

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now. But before he became the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, he was the face of WWE/F. He might have left his wrestling career at the top of his game, but he never forgot his roots.

The descendant of the great Anoa’i Family made his debut as Rocky Maivia. However, he soon shed the rookie’s skin and became the most electrifying wrestler in the business. Apart from being a showman, but he is also an 8-time WWE Champion and 2-time WCW Champion, among other things.

Dwayne Johnson thanks Chris Jericho

In a recent IGTV video, The Rock reminisced about his WWE days with a video. The video shows him wrestling Chris Jericho for the WCW Championship. He thanked the Demo God of AEW as he recalled, “Chris and I had phenomenal matches all around the world (including one electrifying night in JAPAN 🇯🇵 and one unforgettable night in HAWAII. Thank you for “the honors,” my brother.”

After the bloody match, The Rock turned Walls of Jericho into a rollup to secure the victory. This win marked his second WCW title reign. Before they fought against each other, they fought alongside each other. The duo shares the WWF tag team titles between them.

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Apart from Jericho, Dwayne Johnson also said how the world of wrestling taught him some valuable life lessons. The third-generation wrestler wrote, “Proudly cut my teeth and made my bones in the wild world of pro wrestling – learned some great, invaluable lessons I apply today for success in my business and life.”

He last appeared on WWE in 2019 during SmackDown’s 20th Anniversary. Although Johnson retired from professional wrestling last year, there have been rumors of his return to the next WrestleMania against his cousin Roman Reigns.

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