WWE Legend Claims Vince McMahon’s Vision Kept AEW’s Current Top Star From Being ‘Noticed’

Published 12/03/2023, 4:31 PM EST

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Even though Vince McMahon took WWE to new heights when he took over the company, many can agree with the fact that he was a bit of a problematic promoter. McMahon has done everything from raunchy segments before the PG era to over-the-top kayfabe. However, a particular notion of his has kept him in the limelight for all the bad reasons.

It is well-known in the industry that McMahon loved men of huge stature. This in turn ‘stunted’ the career growth of many stars who were of medium stature. While this is still debatable, WWE’s former talent head believes this was the case in Christian Cage’s career at WWE.

How Vince McMahon affected Christian Cage’s career


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On the latest episode of his podcast Grilling with JR, former WWE talent head Jim Ross discussed Cage’s career trajectory with co-host Conrad Thompson. While talking about his career at WWE, Ross said that McMahon’s favoritism toward bulkier men had impacted Cage’s progress in WWE. He said, “His size [and] look didn’t do him any favors at certain points in his career.”


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Ross then added, “I know that my belief is that McMahon did not push him more because he didn’t like Christian’s look. It didn’t sell. It wasn’t the ‘wow factor.” He later compared Cage to his former tag team partner and The Brood stablemate Edge. “Edge, being 6’4, stood out. So, yeah. Size had a big issue there, at times,” he said, hinting at the probability of Cage having a storied career at WWE. The notion that McMahon favored wrestlers with a huge physique was established when fans started noticing a pattern.

Hulk Hogan, who is still known for his iconic physique, main-evented WrestleMania for almost a decade. Apart from that, John Cena, who is shredded to the bone has been a 16-time World Champion.

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While things have changed now, thanks to stars like CM Punk, Ross believes that Cage is in a better place now.

What Ross has to say about Cage at AEW


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Ross thanked AEW for breaking the narrative of his story. He even said that thanks to his entry, Cage is currently one of the best heels “in the friggin’ business.”  Cage made his surprise debut at All Elite Wrestling back in 2021. He walked into the arena at 2021 Revolution where he signed a multi-year contract with the promotion. He is the head of the heel stable The Patriarchy and is often referred to as The Patriarch. Before his debut at AEW, fans were aware that his WWE career was full of ups and downs.

The star who was considered an underdog had his fair share of struggles during his initial days. While he was often associated with his tag team partner Edge, he had a difficult time making a name for himself as a solo performer. While he got the opportunity to be a part of SmackDown back in 2005, he was still known as just another wrestler on the roster.


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Unfortunately for him, his World Heavyweight Championship title did not help him much. His first run with the company ended in 2005 after which he went on to participate in indie circuits. He later came back in 2009 only to go back to indie circuits in 2014. Do you also believe the rumor that Vince McMahon favored muscular stars?

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