“This Was Great”: WWE Fans Go Into a Frenzy as Logan Paul Plays Mind Games with Roman Reigns

Published 10/08/2022, 12:46 AM EDT

On the recent episode of SmackDown, Roman Reigns and Logan Paul were set to meet face to face. This was their first meeting after signing contracts at the press conference. The Tribal Chief and The Maverick exchanged some words in which Reigns claimed to smash Paul at Crown Jewel.

However, the YouTube sensation made a comment that shocked everyone. He tried to set a dispute with The Bloodline.


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During the ongoing promo on SmackDown, Roman Reigns stated that at Crown Jewel he is going to smash The Maverick in their match. However, Logan Paul tried to play mind games with The Bloodline. He took a shot at Reigns by asking Paul Heyman, who was The Tribal Chief in the stable.

The Maverick said, “You really are a wise man, but I do have one question for you, if you don’t mind. When you say I going to get smashed by The Tribal Chief! Do you mean The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns or The Tribal Chief Jey Uso?”

These comments by Paul made Jey Uso angry, while The Head of the Table and Heyman stood, shocked. Clearly, it seems The Maverick’s plan of dividing The Bloodline was successful.

Further in the episode, fans saw how Jey Uso became more frustrated when Reigns told The Uso’s were Sami Zayn‘s responsibility. Surely, there will be a point soon when Jey Uso will question Roman Reigns’ leadership and re-ignite their feud from the Thunderdome era.

WWE fans react to the promo between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul

It surprised the WWE fans around the world when The Maverick tried to re-ignite an old feud. Logan Paul entered the ring alone while the entire Bloodline was in the ring. However, he had a plan which impressed the fans too. Moreover, they shared their reactions on Twitter to this amazing promo.

Even though there were surprises in this promo, a few fans didn’t like the segment.

Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns feud recalled by the WWE Universe.

Sami Zayn made his mark while speaking for a short time!

Viewers had several more reactions.

Furthermore, a few fans were excited about the feud of Paul vs Reigns.

Moreover, Jey Uso has already made fans root for him in the upcoming episodes.

This segment has made many WWE fans invested in the match at Crown Jewel. Even though the ball is in Roman Reigns court, Logan Paul is also a tough competitor.


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What are your thoughts about the match? Do you think Logan Paul will give a tough competition to Reigns? Will Jey Uso do something that will affect The Bloodline? Share your opinion below.

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