Reason Why Roman Reigns Looked so Dominant Against Jey Uso at Clash of Champions

Published 09/28/2020, 8:30 AM EDT

Clash of Champions 2020 is in the books, and Roman Reigns is still the Universal Champion. The ‘Big Dog’ has definitely turned into the greatest bad guy we have seen in recent years.


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Even though the match was the most predictable one on the card, it delivered above everyone’s expectations. This wasn’t a one spear squash match. However, it was certainly a one-sided one with Jey Uso landing a few shots here and there.


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Even though the contest was dominated by the ‘Powerhouse,’ Jey Uso delivered a brilliant performance. While everyone knew the result beforehand, very few could have predicted the immaculate storytelling.

Even then, the question remains, why was Reigns booked so strongly? We try to answer this question in this article.


Roman Reigns’ Family and WWE Fans React to His Destruction at Clash of Champions

9 months ago

Roman Reigns set to become the top heel of the company

WWE always wanted Roman Reigns to be the face that runs the place. They tried everything in their power to make another John Cena or Hulk Hogan.

He was in the main event of WrestleMania four times. He went up against legends like Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and The Undertaker and defeated them all. However, for all these years, Reigns could not charm the WWE Universe.

However, since his return during the closing minutes of SummerSlam 2020, Roman Reigns is a changed man and, this change in him is catching the attention of the WWE Universe.

His title win at Payback and limited appearances on SmackDown with shorter matches compared to before are all small steps towards his coronation as WWE’s undisputed king. Adding Paul Heyman to the mix was a pure masterstroke as well.

Tonight’s decimation of Jey Uso cements him as a very dangerous heel because if Reigns could do something like that to his very own brother, he won’t think twice before doing it to anyone else.

Building up to Reigns vs Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at WrestleMania

For weeks now, we have heard the word ‘Tribal Chief’ from Paul Heyman. In fact, it has now become one of the biggest talking points.

Reigns come from the highly prestigious Samoan Family. The tribal chief or head of the family is a valued and respected position. Given his success, Reigns is definitely worthy of that post. However, one cannot be called the chief without going past the great one.

Roman Reigns is one of the most successful people from the Samoan Family. However, it is a given that the most successful man ever in that family’s history is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

From wrestler to highest-paid actor to now successful businessman, Johnson’s life journey is surely one for the history books.


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Hence, the claim to the ‘Tribal Chief’ designation calls for one big showdown. The stage has to be the one which is strong enough to carry a clash of that magnitude i.e. WrestleMania.

To reach that match at the biggest stage of them all, the process to build Roman Reigns had to start from now and hence we saw an annihilation of his own blood at Clash of Champions.


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The Rock vs Roman Reigns is definitely going to be a blockbuster. We may not know who will win the match but one thing is certain, the fans will witness a spectacle.


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