Watch: Sasha Banks Assaults Bayley at Clash of Champions

September 28, 2020 7:00 am

Sasha Banks returned to the ring for the first time since being viciously attacked by Bayley. ‘The Boss’ didn’t get it all but certainly got some redemption in her first attempt.

Banks nailed a chair shot out of nowhere on Bayley’s back. However, Bayley gave some fight and took the action into the ring. ‘The Boss’ then regained control unloaded on Bayley with multiple Kendo stick shots.

Banks grabbed a steel chair and took aim at Bayley. However, Bayley retreated and got out of the ring, running out of the arena with her tail between her legs.

The night certainly didn’t turn out as expected for Bayley. Earlier in the night, it was revealed that Nikki Cross wasn’t cleared to compete.

Bayley walked down the ramp with full confidence and a smiling face. She placed her trademark steel chair in the middle of the ring and gave her championship a comfortable seat.

Unsurprisingly, she trash-talked Cross and Banks and issued an open challenge to anyone from the locker room for her Championship. Expecting no reply, Bayley started celebrating and forced a WWE referee to raise her hand.

Moments later, Raw women’s champion Asuka walked out, knocking the smile off Bayley’s face. The match didn’t last long as Bayley hit Asuka with a steel chair, losing the match but retaining her SmackDown Women’s Title.

Sasha Banks is coming to take what Bayley loves the most

Nikki Cross is completely out of the way, now that Banks has made a statement with her return.

There have been various rumors flying around about the rivalry ahead. It is currently rumored that the two will face each other at Hell in a Cell inside Hell in a Cell.

If this happens, Sasha Banks will be a favorite to win the match. Banks has prior experience inside the unforgiving structure, whereas it will be a first for Bayley compared to Banks’ two times.

It will be interesting to see what happens ahead. Tune in to SmackDown this Friday Night on the WWE Network and FOX.

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