Bray Wyatt Career Mode Rumored to Drop Soon on WWE 2k24: From The Undertaker to Cena, Here Are 5 More Legends Immortalized by 2K

Published 10/30/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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WWE entered the domain of e-sports way back in 2000 with its collaboration with 2K games. Fondly known by fans as the ‘2K series’, over the years it has grown a massive fan following by letting pro wrestling lovers virtually enter the world. Many fan-favorite stars have been immortalized by the games due to their contributions to the industry.

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With the recent rumors of Bray Wyatt getting a career mode in the next year’s game, here is a list of stars who have been immortalized by WWE in their video games.

John Cena


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John Cena is considered a legendary star with huge stature. He made his debut at the promotion in 2002 and quickly became the Leader of the Cenation. The 16-time World Champion has a massive fan base and it was very obvious for WWE to immortalize him in their game. The 46-year-old star received a special Showcase mode in this year’s installment of the game.

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Showcase mode is a very special feature of the game. It particularly captures an iconic era or iconic rivalry of the said star. Along with that, there are live footage and cut scenes that provide an immersive experience of living in that moment.


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However, this time the studio decided to do something different. Instead of playing as John Cena, the player gets to play as his iconic rivals throughout his career. Interestingly, it would be the very 14 matches from his career that the star has lost. The story was narrated by John Cena himself and played out as a documentary of the biggest losses in his career.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The star who started off as a heel in his career broke the norms later on in his career. He was known for his ‘stone cold’ attitude and fans started loving him for the anti-hero that he became. The star, who was known as the blue-collar warrior, was a force to be reckoned with going off against almost everyone including Vince McMahon.

He received his showcase mode at WWE 2k16. The mode featured all of the iconic matches he had won over the years. These included his rivalries with Dude Love, Bret Hart, Kane, The Undertaker, and The Rock. Speaking of The Undertaker, Austin’s Buried Alive match from 1998 with The Phenom is also on the catalog of matches. Along with that, there are a few bonus matches from his WCW and ECW days as well.

Daniel Bryan

Also known as The American Dragon, he started his career as an underdog at the promotion. But as fans started to notice him, they started a “Yes!!” movement. The movement which was based on his catchphrase, helped him get a spot at WrestleMania 30 where he defeated Randy Orton and Batista to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title. Sadly now the star is nothing but an alumni of the promotion after he joined the rival promotion in 2021. But the star’s name has been made immortal by WWE.

The WWE alumni got his Showcase mode in WWE 2k19, two years before he departed the promotion. Something different this time was the interview scenes in the game mode. Paired with old footage from his career, it gave rise to compelling storytelling which in turn gave rise to a docu-series-type treat for the fans. A total of 12 matches with 1 being a surprise match was included in the mode. The matches were selected based on how they played out as the turning point in his career or how important they were in telling his story.

Rey Mysterio

Considered one of the greatest cruiserweight wrestlers of the promotion, he received his showcase mode later than expected. The Lucha Libre got his showcase mode with the 2022 installment of the game. The mode featured the star’s iconic matches, arena, and costumes. The matches go all the way from his iconic WCW Halloween Havoc match in 1997 to his 2020 Payback match which he fought against Seth Rollins and Murphy with his son Dominik Mysterio by his side.

The SmackDown superstar joined WWE back in 2002. Standing at 5-foot-6 and weighing around 175 pounds, he proved that size does not matter. He had fearlessly gone against stars like Kane without any hesitation. Mysterio is still known for his agility and swift movements in the ring with his signature 619 loved by fans till today. Even though he had proved to be a formidable foe, he still had few losses at his hands.

The final entry on the list celebrates a star’s undefeated streak which lasted for almost two decades.

The Undertaker


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The WWE 2k14 had a special game mode. The game mode called The Streak celebrated The Undertaker’s undefeated nearly two-decade-long streak at WWE. The Phenom’s legendary streak began at WrestleMania VII where he defeated Jimmy Snuka in 1991. Since then, he had his undefeated streak at WrestleMania for almost two decades. 

The Streak mode had two options, either the players could play as The Deadman and try defending his streak or they could be one of his opponents, trying to break his win streak. Apart from that, if a player chooses to portray The Undertaker, they get a non-stop, slobber-knocker-style match in which they have to stand their ground until all rivals are defeated. 


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With Bray Wyatt getting a career mode as a tribute, who else would you like to see in the upcoming edition of the video game?

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