WWE Fans Confirm the Identity of Another Retribution Member

September 15, 2020 1:25 pm

This week, the Mysterious WWE group Retribution sent another message on Monday Night Raw. The group made its intentions very clear through its latest promo.

Last week, The Retribution promised to seep into the pores of the WWE locker room and the WWE Universe. This week, the mysterious group promised to show the WWE locker room who they exactly are.

Later on the latest edition of Raw, the group walked out to assault Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee. Soon, the Hurt Business, as promised earlier, walked down to take matters into their own hands.

During an all-out intense brawl, we got a glimpse of a Retribution member. This member looked like someone we know.

Yes, you guessed that right, this is NXT Superstar and former Raw commentator Dio Maddin. The NXT superstar hasn’t been seen on Raw ever since he was taken out by Brock Lesnar late last year.

A few more Retribution members identified on WWE Raw

Earlier in the night, when only five members of the Retribution were cutting a promo, we got a closer look at each face. Well- known journalist Ryan Satin named five superstars who he felt could be members of the group.

The big guy certainly looked like Dominik Dijakovic. The American wrestler disappeared from NXT several weeks ago.

The other suspect is former TMDK member, Shane Thorne. The NXT Superstar was last seen a few months ago, teaming with Brendan Vink.

Mia Yim and Mercedes Martinez are rumored to be the two female superstars in the picture above. According to rumors, Martinez is done with NXT after losing her Steel Cage Match to Rhea Ripley at NXT Super Tuesday.

Mia Yim has been on a losing streak for a long time. She has also been conspicuous by her absence on NXT television.

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