“Firefly Funhouse Match”: Fans Run Rampant With WWE 2K24 Theories Following John Cena’s Mysterious Instagram Post

Published 01/20/2024, 12:54 PM EST

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Gone are the days when John Cena and his Instagram handle were looked at like a dump of random posts. The 16-time WWE Champ has been using his account to drop hints for the biggest and the most intense WWE plot twists. Interestingly, his latest post points straight in the direction of The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

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The WWE universe tragically lost Bray Wyatt last year and joined together to pay tribute to him. However, while everyone thought he would just remain in our memories, John Cena seems to have other plans.

John Cena uploads a plain but mysterious image


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John Cena took to Instagram and uploaded a rather plain image, but one look at it conveyed several mysteries hidden inside. The post showed an image of a lone nWo t-shirt on a hanger in a closet. Interestingly, Cena has donned this t-shirt just once in his career when he went face-to-face with Bray Wyatt. 


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This post was further picked up and tweeted on X as a screenshot by Wrestle Features. As soon as the pro wrestling page dropped the tweet, the WWE Universe was instantly washed over with a shockwave.


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Fans went into a maddening frenzy with this upload, ushering room for several theories involving The Fiend. The image brought forth more questions than answers in everyone’s minds and fans ran around, connecting all the dots they could.

In fact, they also involved the upcoming WWE 2k24 in the scope of their discussions, wherein a Firefly Funhouse game mode could be used.

Fans throw speculations about bringing Bray Wyatt back in a game

The proactive members of the WWE Universe ran their fingers through every possible connection the post could have. As one scrolls down into this rabbit hole created by John Cena, the layers of possibilities just kept adding.

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One fan chimed in and forged a connection with Bray Wyatt’s notorious and creepy Firefly Funhouse.

One of them went further down and linked it to Stone Cold Steve Austin making a WrestleMania 40 feature in WWE 2k24.

A confused fan tried making sense of the image and connecting it to the video game.


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Lastly, one of the fans simply posted a GIF of The Fiend eerily staring with his mask on.


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The thread on X is still growing and is giving birth to more intense and bizarre theories. What do you make of this post from John Cena? Do you smell something fishy here as well?

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