The next WWE video game is right around the corner. Along with releasing the roster ratings and the cover stars, 2K Games has also released the entire roster of WWE 2K24. While there were many familiar names from the past and present, one name that was missing from the roster was that of Brock Lesnar. His name was something that fans were expecting to see as this edition of the game will be celebrating forty years of WrestleMania with a special pack. However, since his name is removed, which match of Brock Lesnar has been removed from the game?

Brock Lesnar’s career-defining match was removed from WWE 2k24

During his time at WWE, the Beast Incarnate has taken on many stars who were more powerful than him. One such name was that of The Undertaker. Ahead of WrestleMania 30 back in 2014, Paul Heyman along with Lesnar showed their disapproval that the star is not in the race to be the next World Heavyweight Champion. To this, The Authority gave them an option that Lesnar could go against any star he wished to at WrestleMania. The speculation is that it was this match that has been scrapped from the game.


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This moment was interrupted by none other than a returning Undertaker. After seeing him entering the ring, Lesnar expressed his desire to challenge Taker at WrestleMania 30. The Phenom whose record was a solid 21-0 accepted his challenge and then stabbed the former UFC star with a pen before leaving the ring. The stage was set for the Titans to clash at the Show of the Shows. While Taker did put up a good match, his age was catching up to him.

Just when The Taker was about to deliver a second tombstone piledriver, Lesnar countered it with an F5 securing his win. This match is written on the walls of WWE history as The Undertaker’s undefeated streak was broken that night and made Lesnar an even more scary figure in WWE.

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Cut to 2024, Lesnar is nowhere to be seen in WWE and WWE 2k24. This does give rise to a question: What can the star do to get back to the mainstream media?


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The Beast’s time away from the limelight

Amidst the controversy, WWE decided to cut ties with Lesnar. Apart from that, now that WWE is owned by UFC, there is hardly any possibility for Lesnar to return to UFC. This leaves the star with quite a few opportunities to remind his fans about his legacy. One thing that Lesnar could do is maybe work on a documentary or biography.

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Despite all the controversies, Lesnar has had a storied career. In the past many stars such as Kurt Angle bravely decided to bring his struggles to the limelight. Maybe it is time for fans to see how Lesnar went from an Army National Guards job to becoming a top star in the world of combat sports on the big screen. Let us know what you think of this possibility in the comments section.


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