Dwayne Johnson Sitting on The Lap of a Top Hollywood Actress During The 95th Oscars Leaves Fans In Splits: “Somebody Help Her”

Published 03/13/2023, 7:45 AM EDT

It is clear Dwayne Johnson enjoyed his time at the 95th Oscar Awards. He gave several interviews on the Red Carpet where he shared his experiences and more. The Brahma Bull didn’t just attend the Academy Awards as a spectator but presented an award too. The official Twitter handle of the Oscars shared one of his candid pictures from backstage before presenting the award.


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The Academy Awards shared a picture of The Rock and Emily Blunt on their Twitter account. It was a candid, funny moment with his Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt before presenting the award. The picture was The Rock sitting on Blunt’s lap with a funny reaction.

The Twitter handle shared the photo with a caption, “A casual moment backstage between Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson. #Oscars95”

The duo enjoyed the time at their first Oscars together since becoming best friends. Clearly, we can understand why DJ picks Blunt over Kevin Hart for promoting films and appearing at an award function.

Johnson and Blunt have this level of connection after just one movie, i.e. Jungle Cruise. Therefore, several people want them to once again share the big screen once again in the coming years.


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Fans were up in raptures with the aforementioned pictures and expressed their delightful reactions.

Fans react to the backstage Oscar’s picture of Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt

This is indeed a funny picture and seeing that the fans responded in kind to it in the comments. They wrote some hilarious comments below in the picture. Moreover, they trolled the Jungle Cruise actors too, as The Rock sitting on Blunt is indeed a funny moment. Below are some of the reactions shared by the fans to the picture.

Moreover, ‘The Rock’ puns also transpired in the reactions.

Their fans give a reason for Blunt’s reaction!

Indeed it is!

This user cannot picture Dwayne Johnson like this!

John Krasinski has his hands tight.

Some trolling too by the fans on Twitter.

Clearly, the fans expressed their amazement at this picture as DJ is an enormous person and he is sitting on Emily Blunt, who is comparatively smaller.

Which award did The Rock and Blunt present?


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The Jungle Cruise stars were at the 95th Academy Awards to present an award. They presented the first award of the night, i.e. the Best Animated Feature Film.

After appearing on the stage, ‘The Great One’ talked about the importance of animation in the world of movies around the world. The winner of this award was Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, to whom DJ and Blunt presented the same.


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What are your thoughts about this picture? Did you enjoy The Rock and Emily Blunt’s moments at the Oscars? Share your reaction below in the comments.

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