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John Cena Was Ridiculed by Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host After He Was Forced to Apologise for Starting a Global Controversy

Published 10/21/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

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John Cena is one of the few WWE and Hollywood superstars who is always looking out for his fans. Over the years we have seen The 16-time WWE Champion always keeping his fans happy and apologizing if he hurts anyone’s sentiments. 

Cena did something similar back in 2021 when he apologized to the people of China in Mandarin for calling Taiwan a country. However, a TV host later made fun of Cena’s apology video.


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After John Cena shared the video of himself in which he apologized to the Chinese people, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver took this opportunity to mock The Cenation Leader. Oliver called several elements of the situation and the video weird.

Oliver said, “Every part of that is so weird. It’s weird John Cena apologized to China. It’s weird he did it for calling Taiwan a country. And it’s weird to see him do it in pretty decent Mandarin. That’s just too many weird things.”

He added, “A half expected that shot to pan out to reveal he’s also doing a needlepoint of Liam Neeson kissing and ostrich. Honestly, it would only make it slightly stranger.”


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12 months ago

Cena has a huge fan following in China and so he was the one who went to the country to promote F9. However, while answering in an interview, the WWE legend called Taiwan, the ‘country’ that will see the movie first.

Surprisingly, this didn’t sit well with the Chinese people. Even though Taiwan has its own government, army, and constitution, China calls it a part of its country. Therefore, Cena, who had been learning Mandarin for a long time, shared a video apologizing in Mandarin.

What did John Cena say in his apology video?

It shocked Cena to see the Chinese fans were hurt by his comments about calling Taiwan a country. Hence, he shared a video in 2021 in which he humbly said sorry to the people in China.


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In the video, Cena said, “Hello China. This is John Cena. I have to say right now in Fast and Furious 9 I had many interviews. In one of them, I made a mistake. Everyone asked me if I can use Chinese. People at Fast and Furious 9 gave me lots of interview information. I made a mistake.”


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He added, “I have to say right now, it’s so important. I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m so sorry for my mistake, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m very sorry. You’ve to understand I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m sorry. Thank you.”


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The Cenation leader was very humble while asking his Chinese fans for an apology. Moreover, his way of using Mandarin helped him to connect with the fans more closely while saying sorry. Clearly, John Cena cares about each and every fan of his and doesn’t want anyone to be upset with him.

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