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WWE Icon Sting Teases AEW Debut, Cody Rhodes Responds

WWE Icon Sting Teases AEW Debut, Cody Rhodes Responds

WWE and pro-wrestling legend Sting may have just teased a return to wrestling, through the brand new promotion AEW.

Sting has been at the very top of wrestling culture for almost 35 years. He has had many on and off feuds, in multiple promotions with multiple competitors. His most notable feud is definitely one with The Undertaker, which he hopes to settle even today. He is undoubtedly one of the most interesting personalities in the history of the sport.

The Next Generation with Sting

Sting has been known to respect the hustle and hard work of the generation of wrestlers after him. He has, on multiple occasions, interacted with young performers, creating a solid fan base that he could perform for in the future.

One such interaction was with AEW star Lance Archer. Archer tweeted out saying that he had, “Always wanted to step into the ring with Sting”. Archer got a reply from Sting as well, who congratulated him on his much-deserved shot in AEW. Wrestling fans all over the world had put on their thinking caps, to see if this was him teasing a comeback.

Archer is an AEW-signed wrestler and has always wanted to face Sting in the ring. This could mean that the latter may have been hinting at a return to wrestling with his kind reply.

Corporate Recognition

What really stoked the fire on these rumors was Cody Rhodes’ reaction. Rhodes is one of the executive Vice Presidents of AEW and is in charge of bringing in good talent and managing their contracts.

So, his reaction on Twitter could definitely mean that he’s interested in seeing Sting back on the big stage. Not to mention, Rhodes is high up in the ranks of AEW, meaning that he’s the perfect person to get this return to happen.

AEW has managed to snag a multitude of stars since its creation more than a year ago. Pro-wrestling superstars and several A-listers have successfully made the jump from the WWE to AEW.

Chris Jericho, John Moxley, and WWE veteran Kurt Angle have all opted to become a part of the upcoming new organization. Sting, with his years of experience and exposure, has a place in the hearts of many wrestling fans. AEW might be the best place to give the fans what they want.

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