CM Punk Watches in Disbelief as Khetag Pliev Loses Finger During Fight at CFFC 94

April 2, 2021 10:38 am

MMA is no easy sport. Fighters put in a lot of hard work training for their fights, but not everyone walks out as the victor. Ask CM Punk! Earlier today, CFFC Fighter Khetag Pliev lost his finger during a middleweight fight against Devin Goodale at CFFC 94. Yes, you read it right. He lost his finger!

CM Punk comments on Khetag Pliev losing his finger at CFFC 94

Russian MMA Fighter and former Olympian Khetag Pliev lost a finger of his left hand during a Middleweight fight against Devin Goodale. Color Commentator CM Punk had no words. In fact, it took a while for the ‘Best in the World‘ to find words as he sat in complete shock.

There is no word on how Pliev lost his finger. It is believed he complained of Goodale holding his glove, and the referee even gave Goodale a warning. Even then, Pliev didn’t know he had lost his finger.

Pliev lost his finger in the first round but showed true fighter spirit by continuing to fight another round. Officials looked for Pliev’s finger throughout the arena. Luckily, they found it inside his glove. As per recent updates, ‘The Lion’ is already in the hospital to get his finger reattached.

Sami Callihan also comments on Pilev losing finger

IMPACT Wrestling star Sami Callihan, too, commented on the horrifying scene. He couldn’t believe his eyes as Pliev finished the match, despite such a gruesome injury. It is shocking for us as well. Pliev has not only earned our respect but also the respect of every sports lover across the globe.

Devin Goodale may have won the match by TKO, but Pliev earned everyone’s respect and was the true winner. We hope the surgery on his finger goes successfully, and he enters the octagon once again in the near future.

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