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WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker Receives a Major Tribute From Memphis Grizzlies at Recent NBA Game

Published 11/20/2023, 7:12 PM EST

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There are few pro wrestling stars who happened to have an effect on the different forms of sports and media. One such star is the legendary WWE Hall of Famer, The Undertaker. While there have been instances where he has been referred to, a recent NBA game might turn out to be a fan favorite.

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The Undertaker receives a special tribute ahead of the NBA game

The game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Boston Celtics paid tribute to The Undertaker. Way before the game started, the mascot of the Grizzlies draped himself up in signature Deadman attire, complete with the black trench coat and hat. He then delivered a tombstone pile driver to the turkey mascot who was present there.


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What made this scene funny for fans was how seriously it was done. The music was being played in the background and the lights were dimmed. After he was done with The Phenom’s finishing move, the mascot called his henchmen just like The Undertaker did to take care of the now passed-out turkey mascot. The act was truly surprising yet entertaining.


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But this is not the first time a move by The Undertaker was referenced outside of WWE.


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The Undertaker being canon in MCU

Apart from the tombstone piledriver, the Hall of Famer had plenty of moves to his arsenal. One such move is the DDT. While the exact full form of the acronym is still unknown, one thing fans know for sure is that the opponent is completely knocked out following the move. For the move, the wrestler usually has the opponent in front face lock or inverted facelock and dives to create a forceful impact on the head. This move of The Undertaker has been referenced in the MCU with making the Stamford-based promotion officially canon to the cinematic universe.


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In an episode of Secret Invasion, The character of James Rhodes describes to another character how he fired Nick Fury. He first says that he fired him. But later he adds, ” No, I’m sorry, correction: I DDT’d that dude from the top rope. Yeah, it was like Undertaker level. Really impressive.” These lines by the character officially established The Undertaker as an official WWE star in the cinematic universe. What is your favorite The Undertaker reference?

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