“$1 Million a Year and He Deserved It”- Jim Ross on Triple H Getting the Biggest Contract in WWE

May 13, 2020 7:47 pm

This week on the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked about the WWF championship match between the Rock and Triple H in Backlash 2000 with Shane McMahon as the guest referee. Ross commented on both the match and Triple H, celebrating 25 years in WWE.

The Rock vs Triple H became one of the best written matches in the WWE. The officials favored Triple H throughout the match. However, in the end, the Rock ended up winning the championship, thanks to Steve Austin coming for his aid.

Ross said, “I liked the match. You can make an argument there was too much interference, too much outside elements at play that may have cluttered it. I like what Dwayne and Hunter did. They had good chemistry.”

Jim Ross on Triple H celebrating 25 years in WWE

“I saw a few weeks ago Hunter being acknowledged for celebrating 25 years in the wrestling business, 25 years in WWE. The Rock had acknowledged it, which is nice. They had good chemistry; they were on the same page.” Ross said on the podcast.

Rock and Triple H are excellent friends offstage.  With the Game celebrating his 25th year in WWE, Rock dropped a surprise message for his old friend during the WWE’s ‘the Bump.’

Ross also quickly shared a story about the new deal Triple H took with the company back in the day. Ross remarked that the Superstar wanted him to ensure that he’d be the highest-paid wrestler in the company.

“$1 million a year and he deserved it. Vince did not authorize me to do those $1 million dollar downsides very often. Hunter got his, and he deserved it.”

“For some reason, I remember him saying to me ‘Are you sure nobody has a better deal?’ and I said ‘Yeah, I’m very sure, are you doubting me?’ and he said ‘No, I just want to make sure’, so ‘Okay, you’re sure. Nobody in this company has a bigger downside guarantee than you will have when you sign that contract. Is that what you wanted to hear?’ Then he shook my hand and off we went. Now if he made $1 million a year it would be a giant cut in pay.”

We congratulate Triple H on completing his 25th year in WWE.

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