67- Year-Old WWE Hall of Famer Gives Insights of What Vince McMahon Actually Thought of Stone Cold Steve Austin as a Wrestler

Published 03/12/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the prominent names of WWE’s famous Attitude Era. After debuting as The Ringmaster, Austin struggled in WWE initially due to Vince McMahon’s chosen gimmick. However, a WWE legend recently shared how McMahon actually viewed ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ as a wrestler.


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Recently, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts appeared on the Cafe De Rene podcast. The legend talked about whether Steve Austin ever thanked him for kickstarting his career. He also claimed ‘Vinnie-Mac’ never saw Stone Cold as a main event star.

Roberts said, “Yeah, he’s shown his love several times man. I mean at the time nobody believed in him but me. Vince did not think he was a main eventer. And then he went out and cut that f***** interview and, you know, the rest was f****** history.”


When Did Steve Austin Become “Stone Cold?”

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Indeed, McMahon might have had double thoughts for Austin back in the day due to his Ringmaster gimmick. Moreover, he was fired from WCW and had a short run in ECW trying to make a name for himself.

Nevertheless, his Áustin 3:16 promo after defeating the 67-year-old Hall of Famer to win the 1996 King of the Ring tournament shot him to superstardom. 

Austin later went on the become a prominent main event star and won the WWE Championship six times. He became one of the most popular stars and still remains hugely over as his merchandise to this day is sold out.

Jake Roberts had ideas for Stone Cold Steve Austin merchandise

The Texas Rattlesnake’s initial merchandise was t-shirts with Austin 3:16 printed on them. However, Roberts further shared he had a different idea for Austin’s merchandise.

The wrestling legend said, “My only thing was he came out with that t-shirt (Austin 3:16). I had a better t-shirt for him, ‘Austin’s 10 Commandments’.”


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He added, “‘Thou shall not kill unless thou are pi**ed. Thou shall not covet neighbor’s wife unless she’s smoking hot. Thou should honor your mother and father unless they’re d*cks’. Just write them down the line man, they missed the boat on that.”

Austin later came up with several iconic catchphrases and dialogues. Some of those are ‘That’s the bottom line’, and ‘the What’ chants which he came up with while calling WWE legend Christian.


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Steve Austin retired in 2003 in a match against The Rock. However, he laced his boots again at WrestleMania 38 to face Kevin Owens and had one more match in front of his home crowd in Texas.

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