We are just seven days away from witnessing ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair taking a last walk inside the square circle. In May, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair announced to the wrestling fans that he would have his last wrestling match.

At 73, ‘The Nature Boy’ will come out of retirement for the one last match. Flair is the one man in pro wrestling who spent 40 glorious years with his larger-than-life persona. Well, the WWE Hall of Famer will prove that “Age is just a number” catchphrase correct.



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However, there have been concerns about Ric Flair’s health because he almost escaped death in 2017. But, the WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t seem to be worried even a little as he will risk his life during the final match.

The 16-time World Champion Ric Flair recollects his wrestling days!

Prior to “Jim Crockett Promotions Presents: Ric Flair’s Last Match,” they held a press conference today to excite the fans. ‘The Nature Boy’ addressed the questions about his health and preparations for his bout.

The 73-year-old recollected the wrestling days in Nashville with WWE Hall of Famer, Jeff Jarrett. Flair noted the difference between television wrestling and real professional wrestling.


Flair said, “I think people, especially in the South, like ‘wrastlin.’ We called it when I first got to Charlotte. David [Crockett] knows it was me and Richard Petty. It was ‘wrastlin’ and racing.’ And wrestling’s never left Nashville. So we’re going to ‘wrastle, and I’m talking about in the old days, and Jeff [Jarrett] knows what I’m talking about.”

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During the press conference, Ric Flair recalled early wrestling days for his final match. Indeed, the 16-time World Champion felt nostalgia for taking a trip down to the 80s and 90s. Flair hinted that he wouldn’t wrestle for television, but he will wrestle for the love of the sport.

WWE Hall of Famer makes a bold life-risking claim

One of the interesting yet life-risking things WWE Hall of Famer mentioned is that he is ready for a bloody war in the wrestling ring. Flair promised to bleed in his final match with the help of a prop. However, the 16-time World Champion did not mention the object he would use during the match.

“You’d cut off the end of a chisel, put it in a metal plate, and put it in their fingers, and that was a ‘hard way.’ Boom! Chisel right in the head. Not a blade. A chisel. So, I can’t guarantee you a chisel, but I’ll have something with me,” The Nature Boy asserted.


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Given Flair’s statement, there are massive indicators that he plans to spill blood in his last match. Even though Flair wouldn’t go with the old-fashioned chisel prop, he definitely has something that will spread the color.

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Recently, in one of Flair’s tweets, he asserted when he walks the wrestling aisle for the last time, he will prove why he’s the man of professional wrestling. Tickets for Ric Flair’s final match will go on sale tomorrow at 12 pm ET.

Do you think Ric Flair should risk fighting one last time? Let us know in the comments below.