Aaron Rodgers is one of the most popular names in the NFL world. Rodgers has been a constant with the Green Bay Packers since 2005.

Rodgers is still going strong on the field. But after a time, the Super Bowl MVP (LVI) will also have to think about retirement, just like so many greats did before him.

However, Aaron Rodgers might follow in Pat McAfee’s footsteps after his football retirement. Pat McAfee is a former football punter and also a good friend of Aaron Rodgers.


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But a few years back, McAfee retired. Now, he is currently signed to WWE where he does commentary during WWE SmackDown.

Apart from doing commentary, Pat McAfee has also competed in matches. And there were also plans of Aaron Rodgers joining McAfee in WWE back in 2020.

According to Sports Illustrated, following McAfee’s performance at NXT TakeOver: WarGames in 2020, there was an internal discussion about bringing back McAfee for more action.

The idea for Pat McAfee was to jump Adam Cole by aligning himself with his good friend and Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Though that did not take place in reality, one might wonder whether WWE would once again try to get Aaron Rodgers in WWE following his retirement.

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How realistic are the chances of Aaron Rodgers joining WWE in the future?

WWE has shown interest in the past and they might again show that interest in Rodgers in the future following his retirement.

It isn’t unusual for them to bring in NFL Players. And Pat McAfee is one example. McAfee had impressed the fans massively not only with his commentary but also with his pro wrestling skills.

Although it would be unusual for Rodgers if he joins WWE full-time in any capacity like Pat McAfee.


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But if Rodgers wants to take up a new challenge following his retirement, then the WWE Universe might also get to see him in WWE.

Also, if Rodgers signs for WWE in the future, it will be interesting to see whether he plays the role of a heel or a babyface. But, as of now, the football quarterback is still a part of the Green Bay Packers.


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