“I Had to Say “My Husband”- WWE Didn’t Allow Renee Paquette to Mention Jon Moxley In Her Cookbook

Published 05/30/2021, 10:24 AM EDT
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It’s been a year since Renee Paquette quit WWE. She didn’t express any desire to go to AEW alongside her husband, Jon Moxley, but she took up a new project. She wrote her own cookbook, “Messy In The Kitchen: my Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously and Sipping Copiously”. But WWE didn’t make that easy for her.


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Renee Paquette needed approval from WWE for her cookbook

AUSTIN, TX – MARCH 15: WWE Host Renee Young speaks onstage at ‘Hit A Home Run With Content Creation And Streaming’ during the 2015 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival at Four Seasons Hotel on March 15, 2015 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Heather Kennedy/Getty Images for SXSW)

According to Renee, WWE did not allow her to mention her husband, Jon Moxley, in her book. Moxley left WWE in 2019 while Renee still worked there.


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She began writing her book while she worked there and needed the company’s approval to publish it. Now that it’s ready to be launched, we hear Renee talk about a tough challenge.

On the Kinda Funny Podcast, Renee talked about how she had to go to WWE for approval so she could write the book, and why she couldn’t mention her husband’s name in it either.

“When I was at WWE, I had to get it approved. We have to get any outside project approved. I had to make sure WWE was okay with me putting a cookbook out. It was initially coming out under Renee Young, which was fine.” (H/T Wrestling News)

“As I was leaving, I was like, ‘Now I get to release the book as Renee Paquette.’ There is a bit of stress like ‘Uhhh, are people going to…’ people get it, it’s not that confusing but switching that branding can be a little scary.”

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Why wasn’t she allowed to mention Jon Moxley?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 04: Jon Moxley attends the All Elite Wrestling panel during 2019 New York Comic Con at Jacob Javits Center on October 04, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for WarnerMedia Company)

She further explained the need to change Jon Moxley to ‘my husband’ in her book. This is a testament to how WWE views an AEW wrestler and the promotion entirely. And on the end of the spectrum, you have Tony Khan name-dropping WWE President Nick Khan on live television.

“The other thing that I did have to switch was, when I was writing the book, I could not mention my husband by name. I had to say ‘my husband.’ I couldn’t say ‘Jon’ and I couldn’t say ‘Jon Moxley’ or use any wrestlers outside of WWE, which of course, means my husband. She continued, “I had to change his name throughout the thing to say ‘my husband.’ I couldn’t have pictures of him in the book either.”


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“I left WWE and took pictures with Jon so he could be in the book as well. It’s weird to be like, ‘I’m cooking at home and here I am, a bachelorette.’ You can’t ignore the fact that people know that we’re married. That was definitely a hindrance, and it was definitely a hurdle that I was willing to work around. But then it was like, ‘Actually, I’m not gonna work here anymore and let’s just make these little adjustments.”

Renee’s book, ‘Messy In The Kitchen: my Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously and Sipping Copiously’ is now available.


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