“It’s a Bit Weird”- Chris Jericho reacts to WWE ThunderDome

August 23, 2020 11:01 pm

WWE ThunderDome was a huge success and mangled to improve viewership a lot of the company. However, despite its brilliant ideas and the great use of visuals, the new stadium has received his fair share of criticism. As usual, AEW Superstar Chris Jericho had something to say.

Jericho thinks that the entire concept was great, but he felt that a lot of things seemed very off about the show. His argument is mainly directed at the way fans looked on the screen. In the latest edition of his “Saturday Night Special“, Jericho let out his views.

“They weren’t making a lot of noise, or maybe they couldn’t make noise or whatever that may be. But it looked cool, but it’s also a bit weird out of like The Running Man or something you would see like on Black Mirror, jokes Jericho.

Y2J then turns the heads of the viewers towards AEW, and their new innovation. AEW has decided to go one step ahead of WWE and accommodate actual fans in the stadium to watch the matches.

You know, all of these faces behind you but they’re all on TV screens. You know, nothing takes the place of real fans and I’m really excited to have real fans at our show next week next Thursday, and we did it right,” claims Jericho.

Chris Jericho thinks AEW’s idea is better

AEW has very effectively created pods for the fans to stand in groups of 3. In this way, the health standards are maintained and social distancing will not be an issue.

“We spaced everybody in Pods if you were with three people, you can buy a Pod of four, if you’re with two people, you can buy a Pod of two or six, and you stay in that area,” explains Jericho. “And you’re socially distanced from everyone. Everyone’s going to be wearing masks, and you know, I think people are ready for it. It’s time to at least, give it a try and do it safely.”

Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley’s criticism both have one common factor. Both arguments describe a dystopian vibe from ThunderDome, which is true if you look at it. A lot of fans were creeped out by the way the face screening looked.

One thing both companies must keep in mind while competing with each other is that health is the first concern over anything else. In their efforts to one-up each other, they may be taking things too far.

Even then, WWE is on the safer side due to the presence of virtual fans only. AEW will have to very careful with their new experiment with the pods since there will be a considerably larger audience. 

Leaving that aside, both companies have excellent ideas on their hands, and have revolutionized the Wrestling industry during this pandemic.

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