Matt Hardy Mocks Vince McMahon Over His Third Party Edict in a Backstage Segment on AEW Dynamite

January 7, 2021 8:28 am

Matt Hardy took a shot at Vince McMahon’s “no third party” policy during the contract signing of Private Party.

In a segment on AEW Dynamite, Matt Hardy told the Private Party boys, Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy, that they can continue being on third party platforms. He lets them know that only a monster would take away the liberty of being on third party platforms from pro-wrestlers.

AEW’s caption to the video was another not-so-subtle dig at WWE’s way of doing things. WWE released several Superstars from their contracts in 2020 and many believed that an airtight contract with safety clauses could have prevented this from happening.

What is the third party ban?

As everyone knows, Vince McMahon made headlines towards the latter half of 2020 for banning Superstars from using third party platforms such as Twitch. Primarily, he wanted to protect the in-ring names of the pro-wrestlers as those are WWE’s assets. This caused a huge backlash from both Superstars and the audience.

This is the second time in a week that Matt Hardy is calling out Vince McMahon. Previously, he called him out for trying to recreate the Hardy Boyz by pairing Matt Riddle with Jeff Hardy.

Vince McMahon might be responsible for Matt Hardy quitting WWE

Matt Hardy was ready to sign with WWE after his contract expired only if Vince McMahon had a conversation with him. He wanted to change the way WWE was portraying him, but McMahon wouldn’t have that conversation.

In an interview with NY Post, Hardy revealed what exactly went down that pushed him to sign with AEW.

“I’m passionate about what I’m doing. I want to be somewhere I enjoy and then I never got a conversation, I never got a conversation and then they offered me more money and then they offered me more money. I just said no, this creative thing is very important to me. I’m not here just to collect a check. I’m here because I’m passionate about this and I want to make these last few years great. I want to enjoy what I’m doing for the remainder of time I can do it.”

Hardy has found tremendous success in AEW, and he plans to end his illustrious career with the company.

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