The Mystery Behind Chris Jericho’s Logo

November 25, 2020 11:05 pm

Chris Jericho is one of the most well-known pro-wrestlers in the industry. He thrived in WWE and now that he is with AEW; he is doing wonders there as well.

Now, with everything great about Jericho such as his personality, tattoos, accomplishments, and others, his logo is one that is a wonder. While many know what the logo is, only a few are aware of what it stands for.

Chris Jericho’s famous Y2J meaning

Jericho’s logo is a figurine standing with the back towards the audience and holding out his arms with the words “Y2J” written across. It’s clear that the logo was made to highlight his alternative ring name – Y2J.

Wrestling fans have known Jericho to play various names. The one that stuck is Y2J. The story dates back to August 1999 when he made his WWF debut and made the declaration that ‘Raw is Jericho’. He announced he was going to save the company.

The name was a play on the Y2K bug, which was making headlines during that time. It was an issue that primarily computer programmers were facing. They used the latter two digits to represent the upcoming century as a token for distinguishing it from the 1900s.

Other logos used by the Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has his own merchandise in the company shop as well. Now, if you visit the shop, you’ll notice that several of them have a different logo or symbol.

A popular symbol on his official merchandise is that of ‘The Inner Circle’. It is a popular faction/group in AEW comprising Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, MJF, Wardlow, Santana, and Elvis. The stable is led by Jericho himself.

There’s a popular notion in AEW that the path to fame and greatness goes through Jericho’s stable.

Due to the glory this stable holds, the company has used the logo of the stable on his official merchandise.

The logo represents an outer circle which has the term ‘inner circle’ divided on the top and bottom. Inside the big circle is the Eye of Providence that comes with intertwined shapes and circles. Finally, the logo of All Elite Wrestling sits at the right bottom of the big circle.


Another way of using the stable’s name on his official merchandise is by using the name in a circle made from structures that symbolize bones. Even this one has the AEW logo at the bottom.

Chris Jericho starred in a series known as “But I’m Chris Jericho”. The logo of the series became popular during the time.

There were several times he used the same as a catchphrase. Even though it was rare, some merchandise used this logo when the series was on.

While Jericho has not yet released a logo specifically designed for AEW, the logos already in existence are proving to be great for merchandise sales. It might only be a matter of time before the wrestling universe witnesses a new logo coming from Chris Jericho.

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