“We Fought Through Tears” – Eddie Kingston Delivers Emotional Speech Following AEW’s Tribute to Brodie Lee

January 5, 2021 10:27 pm

Eddie Kingston delivered a heartfelt speech following AEW’s tribute to Brodie Lee on the latest episode of AEW Dynamite.

He stood in the middle of others and poured his heart out. The wrestling industry can consider this as one of those rare moments when a pro-wrestler is speaking from the heart and not the script when the camera is on.

According to Kingston, Lee’s death is a wake-up call. Time is limited and everyone should celebrate their loved ones. He wants AEW to come together and become a company that everyone can be proud of; even the stars looking upon them as guiding angels.

“We’re going to get past this together, we’re going to be stronger than anything. Tonight showed it, how strong we are. We fought through tears, we fought through everything, we put on, probably the greatest tribute show I’ve ever seen in my life, and we’re going to carry it. Let’s carry it, and let’s do it.”

The history between Brodie Lee and Eddie Kingston

Brodie Lee and Eddie Kingston had teamed up back in 2008. They formed a faction of three alongside Grizzly Redwood with the name ‘The Roughnecks’.

Fast forward to 2012, Eddie Kingston and Brodie Lee came together in a rivalry. Both of them performed at par throughout. However, even when Lee was becoming weak, he made sure to not bury Kingston in the process.

Therefore, a speech coming from Eddie Kingston touches the heart. This is where the audience knows the wrestlers are just as emotional as them in actual life.

A special tribute by an AEW’s tag-team

It hasn’t been easy for the wrestling industry to end 2020 with Lee’s tragic passing.

WWE and AEW felt the impact of his death. In fact, everyone forgot about their rivalries for some time and came together to celebrate the life of one of the wrestlers who made a name at both companies.

One tribute that has been quite appealing is FTR changing the name of their finisher move.

In a tweet, Dax revealed the same; Additionally, he announced that Lee’s wife, Amanda Huber, is aware of it and has given her blessing.

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